Submitted parts:

Name Part number Type Length (bps) Function UNS
Arg1 BBa_K2699000 Basic 6908 When expressed this full operon, consisting of both primary and secondary proteins, should produce nanoscopic gas vesicles 2,3
Arg1 (A + C only) BBa_K2699002 Basic 1530 A shortened version of Arg1, consisting of only the primary proteins GvP A and C, when expressed should also produce gas vesicles 2,3

Other parts:

Name Type Length (bps) Function UNS
Arg1-amilCP Composite 7650 With the addition of the reporter gene amilCP at the end of the original Arg1 operon, the expression of Arg1 would be indicated by the blue colouring of the cells 2,3
Arg1 (A+C only)-amilCP Composite 2286 A shortened version of the Arg1-amilCP construct, consisting of only the primary proteins 2,3