List of Parts

iGEM Parts Registry

Part Name BioBrick Number Description Size Designer Type
pmt1231 BBa_K2706000 Encodes fatty-aldehyde decarbonylase which decarbonylates fatty aldehydes to corresponding hydrocarbons 943 bp Elizabeth Chamiec-Case composite
'tesA (L109P) BBa_K2706001 A thioesterase to derive FFA's from Fatty-acyl ACP's. Improved from BBa_K612002 as L109P amino acid mutation creates free fatty acids that are then viable for a short-chain alkane synthesis pathway. 760 bp Elizabeth Chamiec-Case composite
fadK BBa_K2706002 Produces short-chain FFA's in an anaerobic environment 1665 bp Elizabeth Chamiec-Case basic
fadD BBa_K2706003 Produces short-chain FFA's in an aerobic environment 1686 bp Elizabeth Chamiec-Case basic
cymA BBa_K2706004 Transfers electrons from the periplasmic space to the inner membrane of the cell where the quinone compound is reduced 714 bp Elizabeth Chamiec-Case composite