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This year’s project has focused on the production of protein biosensors for detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of salivary hormones. We have taken two approaches to our design process. Firstly, we constructed a reagent-less, and continuous glucocorticoid sensor which utilizes changes in Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer to detect hormones. Secondly, we have begun developing a novel, and easy to use biosensor which utilizes ligand-dependent intein splicing to produce a luminescent signal. The resulting signal could then be quantified, providing a dose-dependent measurement of analytes. In addition to our laboratory work, we have constructed a complimentary diagnostic pacifier featuring a built in luminometer, allowing for the potential to passively collect, and analyze saliva in a portable and non-invasive fashion. In practice, a child would use the pacifier as normal, and the baby’s salivary hormones would be collected, analyzed, and wirelessly transmitted to the parent or a healthcare professional through a smartphone application.

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