Team:Queens Canada/Attributions


We would like to thank all of our excellent mentors who advised on this project, or taught us essential laboratory skills. All experimentation was ultimately performed by the student members of the team.

Project Advisors

Dr. John Allingham, Principal Investigator, Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, Queen’s University

As our principal investigator and advisor for QGEM 2018, Dr. Allingham was a crucial figure in the organization of the team. He acted as a consultant for experiments, allocation of resources, and guided our project with his expertise.

Dr. Martin Petkovich, Secondary Principal Investigator, Queen’s University, Professor Cancer Research Institute

Dr. Martin Petkovich has supported our team every step of the way by offering lab space, equipment, reagents, training, and expertise on everything from steroid hormone receptor structure, to project applications.

Patrick Diep, iGEM Team Mentor, M.Sc. Candidate in Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto,

As a University of Waterloo iGEM team alumnus, and previous iGEM judge, the team is very fortunate to have the support of Patrick, who we were introduced to through the iGEM Mentorship program. Patrick has been a great help in keeping the team organized, and ensuring our efforts fulfill medal criteria.

Dry Lab

Dr. Robert Campbell, Assistant Professor, Queen’s University

Provided assistance and guidance to the modeling group, offering his expertise and experience in utilizing molecular simulations to inform our projects design.

Dragos Chiriac, MSc. Candidate, Ross Laboratory, QGEM alumnus

Dragos drew upon his years of QGEM experience to help us with construct design, modelling, brainstorming, and troubleshooting.

Wet Lab

Dr. Virginia Walker, Professor of Molecular Genetics, Queen’s University

Dr. Walker has provided us with lab space and advised us in experimental procedures of protein purification and daily lab work.

Dr. Donald Cameron, Post-Doc, Petkovich Lab

Taught the wet lab molecular biology techniques, offering his expertise in cloning, transformation, and general advice every step of the way. He also helped us interpret unexpected results and solve any problems we encountered.

Ms. Kristy Moniz, Lab Technician, Walker Laboratory

Assisted in teaching the team about general laboratory procedures, as well as cloning troubleshooting.

Mr. Byron Hunter, MSc. Candidate, Allingham Laboratory

Assisted in teaching the team about general laboratory procedures, protein expression, gibson assembly, and PyMol modelling.

Ms. Irsa Shoukat, PhD Candidate, Allingham Laboratory

Assisted with transformation, error-prone PCR protocols, and Interlab Measurement Study troubleshooting.

Dr. Daria Trofimova Senior Research Associate and Lab Manager, Allingham Laboratory

Assisted in teaching the team about general laboratory procedures, as well as cloning troubleshooting.


We would like to thank all interviewees for taking the time to learn about our project and sharing their knowledge and experiences in research. We received valuable advice for the potential directions of the project’s technology.

  • Dr. Andrea Guerin
  • Dr. Kate Harkness
  • Dr. Salinda Horgan
  • Dr. David Saleh
  • Dr. Janet Menard
  • Dr. Kimberly Dow
  • Dr. Harriet Feilotter
  • Autism Ontario
  • Parents and Child Care Community Workers