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This year QGEM was fortunate to be a part of the Queen’s Innovation Centre Summer Initiative Program (QICSI), which is a 17-week program hosted by the Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre. This summer internship program provides teams of Queen’s students from all different fields with a diverse range of resources and entrepreneurial training to pursue their own startup companies. Through this opportunity, the QGEM team was able to participate in the QICSI Bootcamp, which consisted of a two-week intensive segment with full time classes taught by Commerce and Engineering professors, seasoned entrepreneurs, and business experts to provide the necessary knowledge and training to start our own business.

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Kevin Chen
CEO, Hyasynth Bio

We met with Queen's Canada 2012 alumnus and the CEO of Hyansynth Bio, Kevin Chen. Hyansynth Bio uses a yeast-based system to produce cannabinoids. We spoke to Kevin about the challenges of leading a biotechnology start-up, fund raising, and his path from iGEM to Biotech.

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This year we hosted an extensive interview series with healthcare professionals, parents, and clinicians, to learn about the market potential of our product. We learned about various applications of our product that we had not originally considered. Our conclusions and final market analysis can be found here.