Team:Queens Canada/Human Practices

Human Practices

Queen’s iGEM (QGEM) is excited to share, excite, and inspire the next generation of iGEMers. We’ve gone beyond our laboratory, into the Queen’s University and Kingston communities to teach and show applications of genetic engineering and synthetic biology. This has included internal safety training and synthetic biology ethics discussions, as well as externally-reaching activities with youth, interviewing local experts to gain insights throughout the development of our project, and collaborating with other iGEM teams. Browse our gallery of various activities as we explored how the community impacted our project, and how will our project impact the community.

Engagement & Education

Through community (Kingston, ON Canada) and University events, we educated young children on basic genetic principles and encourage the community to initiate conversations with students and researchers in the field. Click to learn more about our involvement in our communities


Just as bacteria undergo genetic exchange, collaboration is part of our DNA! We are advocates for collaborative exchanges being an important part of the iGEM experience. Click to learn more about our collaborations from reviewing protocols and models, to co-creating informational videos/pamphlets!


QGEM demonstrates safe and responsible working practices to protect ourselves, others in the lab, and beyond. This includes thorough safety training, using low-risk E. coli, and working under supervision. Learn more about our safe ways of working here.

Expert Interviews

QGEM has performed a series of interviews with physicians, professors, researchers, and support groups, regarding their unique perspectives and utility on our product. Click to learn more from our Experts, and visit our Market Direction Analysis to see the application of the consultations.

The Interlab Measurement Study

QGEM has participated in the Fifth International InterLaboratory Measurement Study to help create standardized protocols across laboratories in the synthetic biology community. Click to see our contributions on the GFP measurements this year!

Market Direction Analysis

Our team explored multiple potential uses for our device, with pressure-testing from our Expert Interviewees. After collecting input from experts and the general public, we were able to evaluate the safety, sustainability, and practicality of each marketing approach. Click to explore the how we integrated the feedback into the development of our device’s purpose and features.