“A” indicates antioxidant, and can also represent the best in the grade rating. So the core of our project is to build an antioxidant detecting system to rank antioxidants.

Antioxidants are
compounds that inhibit oxidation.They can scavenge the excess ROS in the organisms. The antioxidants mentioned here is the one working in our bodies, helping us defect the damage of oxidation.

Oxidation damage is very common in our daily life. It may be caused by UV in the sun, unhealthy living habits, irregular work and rest times, and its accumulation will eventually infect the normal function of our body, lead to gene mutation, cell cancer and aging. Therefore, antioxidants are urgently needed to defended the damage of oxidation.

Even though antioxidant is so important, there’s no standard ways to tell us which antioxidant works better.

Our goal is to build a system with function of detecting the antioxidants and has the advantages of high biological relevance, simple operation, low-cost, good reproducibility, accuracy, and high sensitivity for antioxidant detection. More importantly, we hope to establish an efficient standard for evaluating antioxidants through our system