Team:BostonU HW/Medal Criteria

Argon Design System - Free Design System for Bootstrap 4

Argon Design System - Free Design System for Bootstrap 4

Medal Criteria

Registration and Giant Jamboree Attendance

We're excited to attend the Giant Jamboree in October!


  • Wiki: Welcome to our wiki! Feel free to look around and explore.
  • Poster: Have a look at our poster at our table!
  • Presentation: Stop by during our presentation at the Giant Jamboree to learn more about TERRA!
  • Judging Form: Complete and submit by October 12.


TERRA was created by an amazing group of team members, team mentors, and advisors.

Check out our attributions page located here:


Our project, TERRA, creates a system which makes microfluidics more accessible to the iGEM and greater synbio community.

Check out our contributions page located here:

Validated Contribution

Our system, TERRA, is fully documented on our Wiki. Begin exploring TERRA through these links:


Our team has collaborated with two other iGEM teams: the BostonU team and the Harvard Team.

Explore our fully documented collaborations here:

Human Practices

Our interactions with the iGEM community and the Greater Boston community have been an integral part of our project.

Learn about our human practices here:

Integrated Human Practices

Throughout our iGEM project, we have interacted with various industry partners and companies, who have provided us with invaluable feedback. We have integrated components from our human practices, resulting in improvements and modifications to our system, TERRA.

Learn more about our human practices here:

Improve Upon a Previous Project

During the course of our 2018 project, we have made improvements to the 2016 iGEM BostonU_HW project, Neptune, and the 2017 iGEM BostonU_HW project, MARS. Our project, TERRA, incorporates automated syringe pumps that were originally derived from Neptune and modified and improved to control valves in our system. We have also added seven new microfluidic chip designs to the repository of chip designs created by MARS.

Read about our improvements to Neptune and MARS here:


Our team has created a mathematical model of our system, TERRA, in order to verify its performance and accuracy.

Find out more about our modeling here:


To demonstrate how our project works, we have created a page that documents the process of running an experiment on TERRA. For a live demonstration, come to our table and watch TERRA in action!

Refer to our Wiki page on Demonstrate to view the full documentation: