And now, it is finally time for our favorite collaboration – with Team Athens, Greece. We were incredibly pleased to find out they had invited us to stay with them for a couple of days, so we can properly get to know each other. Not only did we have the unique ability to exchange ideas and tips with another newcomer iGEM team, but also got to tour the beautiful city of Athens and experience it as true Athenians. We presented our project ideas to each other, which we took as an opportunity to practice our presentation skills. + we presented our project to a foreign team for the first time + measurement kit for InterLab – We were contacted by Team Athens a week or two after our return, because they needed a helping hand. They had already fully utilized their measurement kit for InterLab to get their first results, but something had went wrong and now they needed another kit. We did not take part in this study, so we had the needed materials on hand and decided to help. Team: Athens


We presented our projects to each other and exchanged some ideas and tips, all while having a stunning view of the sea. Unfortunately, our PI couldn’t come with us, but we turned this into an opportunity - to present solo for the first time.