Throughout the working process we completed a number of surveys compiled by various other iGEM teams. This has provided us with the unique ability to not only exchange knowledge, but experience too.

The first survey we filled out was submitted by Team Bielefeld – CebiTec (Germany) and it was on the Dual Use Research of Concern.

Another team that sent us their survey was Team IISc – Bangalore from India, regarding Antibiotic resistance by improving phage therapy.

Team Lund from Sweden’s survey, appropriately named iGEM Workplace Evaluation, was not only interesting to think about, but the questions evoked curious enough answers.

The next survey we completed had, probably, the most memorable name of all and it was, you guessed it, Vagineering – hormonal method of contraception. This carefully compiled survey with a catchy name done by Team Montpellier, France left us gagging, but also wanting to learn more.

Another survey we took part in was regarding the Relationship between art and science by Team UCL from the UK. It left a lasting impression on our team members and provoked good discussions over lunch.

Team Macquarie (Australia) too sent us their survey. We were absolutely thrilled to find out it was about human practices as we are all particularly interested in this subject.

Another survey we were excited to fill out was the Synthetic Biology Survey done by our friends over from Team Tessaloniki, Greece.

It was our instructor, Kristian’s job to take on the survey done by Team Warwick (UK).

The last survey we got our hands on was done by Team Estonia and it was very meaningful to us, because our country is very hot and sunny in the summer. The survey was for sunscreen usage and its impact on the environment.