Our first official collaboration was with Team Dusseldorf, Germany. We were contacted by one of the team members via Instagram and we immediately wanted to join in on the fun. Their postcard exchange idea not only provoked our creative sides to come through, but we were also managed to establish long-lasting connections and, dare we say, friendships with teams all around the world.. even just via post.


This collaboration opportunity intrigued us immensely, as we are avid recyclers and overall fans of sustainable living. Naturally, Sustainability@BostonU caught our attention immediately. Not to mention the prizes are all adorable. We cleared our phones, downloaded the app and, in a two week period, documented all our good deeds for nature. We managed to snag first place (and the cutest aloe plant ever) and some of us still use the app daily.


Even in the midst of all the #wikifreeze chaos, we managed to find a slither of free time to participate in Team Tec de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara’s fun collaboration - #ScienceEverywhere. This provoked us to check how far away we actually are from Boston and, as it turns out, there are 7274 km to be travelled in order for us to reach our final destination - iGEM’s Giant Jamboree.