Team:CO Mines/Attributions

The 2018 Colorado School of Mines iGEM team would like to thank the following individuals for contributions to our project:

Advice/General Contributions

  • Dr. Josh Ramey and Dr. Nanette Boyle for providing invaluable guidance and assistance in our project.
  • Dr. Keith Neeves and Dr. Melissa Krebs for allowing us to use their lab materials in our experiments.
  • Dr. Kevin Cash for providing advice on measuring and designing biological sensing.
  • Mark Ferris from Dr. Cash’s laboratory for advising the team on using a 96-well plate.

Other Research Groups

  • Dr. Mehran Pazirandeh, Dr. Bridget Wells, and Dr. Rebecca Ryan from the Center for Bio/Molecular Science and Engineering at the Naval Research Laboratory for writing the cadmium binding paper that helped inspire our project.
  • Dr. Sachin Kumar, Dr. Neelam Verma, and Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh from Punjabi University in Patala, India for writing the cadmium sensing paper that helped inspire our project.

Monetary Donations

  • The Colorado School of Mines, the Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department, iDig Mines, and Gold Mine Crowdfunding for providing funds for our project.

iGEM Teams

  • The iGEM teams at Colorado State University and the University of Colorado - Boulder for organizing team collaborations and giving advice on the iGEM competition.
  • All members of the Colorado School of Mines iGEM team for working hard on our project and bringing us here today. We could not have done this without you!