Team:CPU CHINA/Attributions


Team members

Yunge Lou is responsible for modeling and financial management(We do not running out of money before Giant Jamboree owing to her). The structural model of the liposome gene delivery system is her work. She also devoted to project design, human practice, parts design and lab work.

Kexin Cao is called the “primer star eater” by one of our PI since she performed most of our molecular experiment. She cooperated with Hongyu Wang and helped with finishing the writing of the entrepreneurship proposal. She also participated in project, parts and art design.

Junqing Zhang is responsible for our plasmid building, without whom, none of our plasmid will ever exsit. He participated in art design with Adobe Photoshop,molecular experiments, project design and parts design.

Wanli Zhang is our key member in the lab. We wouldn’t have any data if not for him.

Yali Wu is also responsible for modeling, she collaborated with Yunge Lou in designing the Markov model. Her ability in operating Python makes the analyze of our models possible. She participates in project design, parts design, lab work and paperwork as well.

Hongyu Wang is the main charge of human practice, she protocoled the whole plan, contacted the interviewers and abstracted the interview so that her colleagues could translate them and put them on the wiki.

Xingnuo Cheng contributes a lot in paperwork, she is also responsible for the Innovation Experiment for College Students group we set in our school. She also does lab work, project design and parts design.

Yiyang Zhu is the key member for wiki building, since he is responsible for programing the website by using Notepad++ and Eclipse, his skills with these software are unreplaceable. He also does a small part of paperwork.

Ying Miao is vital for our art design. She drew most of our art objects with Clip Studio Paint. She also helped Yiyang Zhu in website building.

Peng Sun is responsible for all the videos including cutting by Premiere and caption by After Effects. All the videos you see in this wiki are made through his hand.


Shuyao Zhou is the “creativity instructor” of our team, thus he makes sure the new idea comes out productively. He is in charge with the ideas behind our project, parts and art design, he also participates in human practice, presentation. As one of the student leader of our team, almost every paperwork will be reviewed by him before showed up in wiki.

Huandi Xu is the “Executive officer” of our team, he gurantees those wonderful ideas can be carry out. He does most of the decision making for lab work and human practice. As another student leader, he communicates with our PIs and instructors, he also participates in project design, paperwork, presentation and parts design.

1. General support

Thanks Mr. Hui Huang, one of our instructors for helping us for a long time. He helped us to communicate with the leaders of our school. We also thank Faculty of Science for providing venue for daily work.

2. Lab support

Our first PI, Dr. Hong Tian provided us with experiment materials and equipment support. She also arranged the overall experimental plan and gave us vital suggestions when we were in trouble.

Our secondary PI, Dr. Xiaoda Song provided us with the guidance of experiment design and protocols.

Our advisor, Yanliang Kang provided us help for cell experiments.

Our advisor, Nannan Liu, helped Wanli Zhang in molecular cloning.

Bohao Wang, Wenyao Xue, Jie shen,Yue Wang, Qiang Wu and Hanchen Zhu are graduate students in Dr. Tian’s lab and they provide us guidance with homologous recombination, qPCR and immune-fluorescence.

3. Human practice support

Thanks Dr. Yan Huang, our instructor who contacted experts for our entrepreneurship proposal writing.

Rehabilitation Association of Nanjing CHINA provided us important opportunity to communicate with patients who once suffered from cancer.

Jiangsu Tumor Hospital gave us the opportunity to consult the doctors who is experiencd in cancer treatment.

TEDxCPU enabled us to make a TED speech about synthetic biology.

4. Other support

Thanks Peiyuan Gao, one of our advisor, who is a junior student in China Pharmaceutical University. He provided us some help about paperworking and wiki building.

5. Sponsors

Thanks for International exchange and cooperation office of China Pharmaceutical University to support us with travel expense and registration fees of the competition.