Team:CPU CHINA/Collborations


Collaborate with Tongji_China

Tongji_China has been working on an anti-cancer therapy based on neoantigen. We worked with them to build a statistical inference model which helped them to select their antigen for the therapy. We used Bayesian reverse probability to predict the genetic mutation site the patient may have based on the observed state of the patient, therefore, choosing a relative proper peptide for their treatment.

Please click here to their modeling page and see the work we did for them.

Collaborate with NWU-China

On August 25th, Huandi took some water samples from the Mirror Lake in our school and delivered them to NWU-China. They have been developing a novel way to decrease the concentration of saline in water and soil. With our samples they certified the Na+ and K+ absorption ability of their engineering bacteria.

Their modeling group helped us code the life span simulation of our Cost-Effectiveness Analysis.

We consummated the code they provided and successfully predicted the living time of patients.

Please click here to have a look at their page of Collaborations

Collaborate with NAU-China

Team NAU-CHINA developed an APP named iGEMCloud in order to bridge the gap between iGEM teams around the world by providing a world-wide platform, for instant, in idea exchanging, real-time commincation and trouble shooting. We gave them vital feedback about their products which allowed them to improve accordingly to make it more suitable for real use. Hope to see their app in near future!

Other Fun Collaborations

1. Science Sketch

Team NYU_Abu_Dhabi proposed an interesting idea of collaboration. You can see their plan to promote public awareness of the iGEM competition as well as show how synthetic biology can be utilized to solve problems facing mankind here. We added to their collection of Science Sketches with a video about our project. Along with seven other videos, these sketches form a playlist which any iGEM team could use in their outreach activities and spread the knowledge of synthetic biology to their communities.

2. League of superheroes

Our team has participated in another creative collaboration with RHIT. They wanted to create a league of superheroes made up of superheroes created by each team (if there is any) based on each project. We did have Rig. But we had to add a graphic model for the League, which was really fun and actually helped to make the whole idea more interesting. And we are really proud that now he’s a member of League of superheroes.

3. Mike the microbe

Team US_AFRL_CarrollHS is focusing on Engineering E.coli to detect and destroy biofilms. Mike the microbe is actually also a member of League of superheroes. US_AFRL_CarrollHS wanted to make a collection of creative photos from the iGEM community with their cute Mike in them. Of course, we are in. The photo series “Mike travels to China Pharmaceutical University” broadened the footholds for Mike.

4. Surveys

Our team participated in the survey of team UNebraska-Lincoln that is focusing on creating an effective bait for the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle, an invasive species to North America. Their survey is about invasive species and native species.

We also participated in the survey of team TecCEM. The survey aims to gather information about different treatments of burns around the world, since this team is trying to develop a new treatment for burned people that will reduce the time of hospitalization and help skin regeneration.

Furthermore we participated in the survey of team IIT Kanpur. They want to design a system to tackle the problem of water pollution, so they make a survey to learn about water pollution all over the world.


1. Nanjing meetups

On April 29th, Shuyao and Kexin had a trip to Nanjing University for a small iGEM meetup. They participated in a seminar with team Nanjing-China, NAU-CHINA and the prestigious previous iGEMer Dr. Haoqian Zhang. Ideas of each project and iGEM itself have been exchanged.

2. 5th CCiC

During August 28th to August 31st, Huandi, Xingnuo, Yali and Peng went to ShanghaiTech University for the fifth Conference of China iGEMer Community (5th CCiC). More than 50 teams in China attended this event. Each team gave a presentation and did a Q&A over each project. During this conference, we received a lot of feedbacks which has led to unexpected improvements of our project. A drug delivery system was added upon several some senior iGEMers’ suggestion. We also received some notes on experimental techniques (miRNA qPCR etc.). We also made connections with a lot of other teams such as Tongji_China, Fudan-CHINA, CSU_CHINA). Our collaboration with Tongji_China actually started from here.