Team:ETH Zurich/Attributions


We would like to thank everyone who supported us during the last few months and helped to realise this iGEM project.

Student team
The team defined the idea of the project, performed all the experiments, developed models and software, designed and built the robot, and contacted the sponsors. Advisors and PIs provided advices and feedback. The content of the wiki (including figures) has been created by the team, with review and minimal fixes by the advisors.
Tobias Vornholt Helped us with our cloning strategy.

Philip Müller Helped us cloning.

Mattia Gollub Helped us developing our models.

Prof. Sven Panke, Prof. Jörg Stelling, Prof. Yaakov Benenson Provided valuable feedback during our weekly project update meetings.

Panke Group Thank you for your continuous support in form of advice or laboratory equipment when we needed it most.

Synthetic Biology Group Thank you for your continuous support in form of advice or laboratory equipment when we needed it most.

Computational Systems Biology Group Thank you for your continuous support regarding the development of our models.

Single Cell Facility Thank you for the suggestions in the development of our microscope and for letting us use your microscopes.
Daniel Gerngross Thank you very much for taking the team profile pictures for the team member website!

Lukas Widmer Hinted us to relevant literature for the diffusion models.

Felix Pfeifer For helping us understanding how to model the bubbling process.

Dr. Roger Draheim For Sending us a strain carrying the Tar-EnvZ plasmid.

Timo Flügel For helping us with the analysis of our protein docking models.

AG Bar-Even For sending us the deletion strain E. coli SIJ488 which were sadly not able to integrate into our project.

Others Many thanks for their general help and support to Max Bahls, Tsvetan Kardashliev, Martin Held, Luzi Pestalozzi, Nicola Nuti, Petra Jusková, Yannick Schmid, Simon Bachler, Marc Folcher, Anthony Abraham, Margaux Dastor, Alain Mazé, Philip Dettinger, Andreas Cuny, Hans-Michael Kaltenbach, Tom Lummen, Thomas Horn, Erica Montani, Paul Argast, Nassim Rousset, and of course all the experts that contributed in the human practices.

iGEM at ETH Zurich
ETH Zurich provides lectures related to synthetic biology and modeling with the Synthetic Biology I and Computational Systems Biology lectures. The brainstorming process started with the first meeting at the end of April and we started the experiments at the end of July.
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