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We have created both software and hardware which we would like to share with not only other iGEM teams but everyone who is interested in it. We hope we can help you with these resources to realize your project and serve as a open source platform or inspiration for your own design. We are happy if you reference us when using our resources. Should you have any specific questions or need additional files you are welcome to contact us: Robert Hennig:, Niklas Funk:

AROMA Platform
Instructions and Description

Modular Microscope Setup LCCSM
Instructions and Description

Syringe Pumps
Instructions and Description

Our softare is uploaded to GitHub. It includes the ROS integration of the Arducam Camera, the Image analysis of both the motility readout and luminsecence readout and the steering of all the mechanical parts including the syringe pumps, bubbling pump, lights and the wheels of the robot itself.

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