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What is C-lastin?
Know our idea
About our project
We are developing a novel biomaterial for biomedical applications based on the cross-linking of bacterial cellulose (BC) and a fusion protein with modules carbohydrate binding domain (CBD) for binding to cellulose, elastin-like polypeptides (ELP) and bone morphogenic protein 2 (BMP-2). The production of this biomaterial is being carried out with synthetic biology techniques using two differents Escherichia coli expression systems. The first one produces bacterial celullose and the second one produces the fusion protein CBD-ELP-BMP2.

Bacterial cellulose is used as a matrix because of the biocompatibility with the human body and has the potential to regulate cell adhesion, that is an important characteristic to be used as a scaffold. ELP is a structural protein which confers new physicochemical characteristics to the biomaterial such us a transition temperature that allows the biomaterial to be as a hydrogel. On the other hand, the BMP2 protein, is an inducer of cell differentiation in osteoblasts, which confers bone tissue regeneration property.