The iGEM Team of the Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences was responsible for almost all aspects of running the team, such as purchasing supplies, working out protocols for lab work, lab work itself and running the Wiki. Nevertheless, we recieved some help from others which we highly appreciate and are most thankful for.

Special thanks and attributions go to

Prof. Dr. Egon Amann and Prof. Dr. Thomas Kirner for providing general support in and outside the lab, when required and working for us to get the S1 – Lab, we needed for this project.

In the summer of 2017, Prof. Amann and Prof. Kirner taught the synthetic biology class for the first time. Several students of the 2018 HSHL iGEM team took their class this year or the year before. This way most of us got a broad overview about the topic “synthetic biology”. Part of the class is designing a theoretical project, which could take part in the iGEM competition. Amyra Schmitt, our student project leader, started the course last year and she and her group members had the idea, which is now the idea of our iGEM project. Actual brainstorming to realize this idea started beginning of this year, around February 2018. Our initial lab work started in April.

Prof. Dr. Nilima Prakash for allowing us to use her lab space when we needed one.

M. Sc. Sara Mueller for helping with troubleshooting and lots of theory. She also assisted the team with laboratory techniques and supported us, when we needed help.

Dr. Antje Hascher and Nadine Lindemann for providing laboratory material and emotional support.

Dr. Anne-Lena Bachmann for helping with troubleshooting and lots of theory outside of lab and in her free time and also for lots of emotional support.

iGEM Team Bielefeld-CeBiTec for providing not only E. Coli but lots of information for this iGEM competition, since it is the first time for us attending. They gave us helpful information for lab work (providing protocols from last year iGEM Bielefeld). For more go to collaborations.

This wiki is designed by HSHL within the iGEM 2018 template.
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