Our University takes part in the iGEM competition for the first time, so we need(ed) a lot of support and advices.

Bielefeld - CeBiTec

The iGEM Team Bielefeld-CeBiTec invited us to their university and gave us information about the competition and presented us the foundation for a successful project. They not only provided us information and an overview about the whole project, they also provided us a culture of Escherichia Coli K-12 DH5 Alpha and 96 well plates for the Interlab-study. We are in contact all the time and very thankful for the support and the mentoring.

CeBiTec and HSHL students after a lovely afternoon filled with information and getting to know each other.

Erlangen - Video Project

iGEM Erlangen created an educational animation movie, which was published on YouTube. We are grateful that we had the opportunity to provide Viatnamese subtitles to this movie and therefor were able to help out iGEM Erlangen in their intention to ensure that anyone regardless of their linguistic background can enjoy this movie.


Collabarating with teams is great, but networking is a big part of iGEM, too. To interact with others to exchange information and develop e.g. social contacts is an enrichment for anyone involved.

June, 22. - 24. 2018 - German meet up in Marburg

The German meet up was our first opportunity to present our work to anyone outside of our University. It was a great chance to get to know the other teams and to meet some true iGEM experts.

July, 20. - 22. 2018 - European meet up in Munich

After the German meet up in June, we decided to join the European meet up in Munich as well. Six of us spend a few days in the beautiful city and got the chance to present our project idea and work to even more teams.

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