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  • Project Design

    The project was preliminary designed by Long Cheng, Yiyan Yu, Ziyi Li, Jingyu Ren, Kangyuan Yu. Also many brainstorming meetings including all the team membership were held, and then we established our whole project.

  • Wet Lab Work

    Yiyan Yu, Ziyi Li, Kangyuan Yu, Long Cheng, Ziyang Xiao, Jingyu Ren and Junhao Xiong primarily designed the experimental scheme. And all of the members from the experimental group, including Ziyi Li, Junhao Xiong, Yizhe Zeng, Ziqi Yin, Jiayi Liu, Kangyuan Yu, Haibo Huang, Qian Li, Yiyan Yu, Bo Peng, Kaiwen Liu, Jingyu Ren, Ziyang Xiao, Tao Jian, Yan Chen, Haotian Ren, Sijie Xu, Hao Qiu and Yuanda Huang, modified the experimental scheme, promoted the whole experimental procedure and carried out the experiments.

  • Modeling

    Our modeling are mainly taken in charge by Kai Kang, Zijian Tian, Dikang Yin and Xianglei Zhang. Kai Kang works on the sort of three genes and software, and Zijian Tian, Dikang Yin and Xianglei Zhang construct the two-system model.

  • Wiki & Poster

    All the content of this wiki were provided by HUST-China team. Wiki framework was constructed by Longhao Jia, Lin Liu and Zetai Liu. Art and design was done by Xiao Deng, Sijie Xu, Jiayi Liu and Yanjun Li. Xiao Deng and Sijie Xu also made a project video for our project.

  • Human Practices

    The main organizers of the 5th iGEM Central China Regional Conference intercommunions are Shengde Deng, Jingyu Ren and Ying Xu. All members of HUST-China team helped in holding this regional jamboree. Shengde Deng, as the leader of Human Practice, coordinated all the work, contacted enterprises for visits and other iGEM teams for collaboration and arranged for the internal players to be responsible for the corresponding affairs. Jingyu Ren, was responsible for visiting two enterprises, Ying Xu was responsible for the survey, editing for the tweet and co-organizing the CCIC. In addition, Shengde Deng and Ying Xu also hosted the school summer camp in order to introduce synthetic Biology and Bio battery to high school students.

  • Advisors

    Professor Yunjun Yan
    Professor Kang Ning
    Dr. Yi Zhan
    Thanks for their generous support and careful guidance.

  • Special Thanks

    Especially thanks Team USTC for providing pYYDT vector and E.coli WM3064 .
    Especially thanks Professor Hao Song and Dr. Feng Li for giving advice for our design.
    Especially thanks Professor Chieh-Chen Huang, Dr. Shou-Chen Lo and Team NCHU_Taichung for providing pMG105 vector and pMG105-PpckA vector.
    Thanks Dr Wu Liu and Dr Qinghua Zhou for their direct guidance in experiment.

  • Acknowledgments

    This project was supported by Huazhong University of Science and Technology, College of Life Science and Technology and Qiming College of HUST.
    Free software is offered by Mathworks.
    DNA synthesis services are supported by IDT for free and by Genscript.
    Primer synthesis and sequencing services are provided by Genscript, TIANYI HUIYUAN and TsingKe.