HebrewU HujiGEM 2018


~ Giant Jamboree 2018 Results ~

Hello everyone,
We are glad to share with you our results from the iGEM conference:

Best Plant Synthetic Biology
Second place in the Environmental Research category
Nominated for the Best Software Tool
Gold Medal for our overall project achievements

We would like to thank again for all of our supporters, who helped us make it all possible. Toda Raba!

HebrewU i-GEM Team 2018


We designed an open source platform where researchers anywhere can view our synthetic pathway and conduct their own research, inserting it into native plants and building upon our database.

Our Multiple Organism Optimization Lab Tool for iGEM allows biologists to optimize codon usage for multiple organisms simultaneously.

We have created a model enzymatic pathway for dioxin and chlorinated-compound degradation, which serves as the foundation of our research and project design.