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iGEM IIT Delhi

Project Advisors

Dr. Zia Shaikh
Dr. Zia Shaikh is an assistant professor at DBEB, IIT Delhi and is the Professor-in-charge at iGEM IIT Delhi. He has been associated with the team since the past 3 years and has played a vital role in ensuring smooth functioning of the team. He provided us with a well-furnished lab for our project and was instrumental in getting funds for our team. Also, he helped us in the various aspects of our project, despite it not being his core area of research.

Dr. Stefan
Dr. Stefan is a visiting faculty, from Germany, at DBEB, IIT Delhi. He has been a guiding light for iGEM IIT Delhi since 2015. Even though he is a specialist in Molecular Biology, he was instrumental in our project’s computational analysis as well as team organization and management. He spent countless nights helping us troubleshoot our project and enabled us to present our project in a more detailed manner.

Mr. Kshitij Rai
Kshitij Rai, a graduate from IIT Delhi headed iGEM IIT Delhi for the past two years. Currently, he is pursuing PhD in Systems, Synthetic, and Physical Biology from Rice University, Texas.

Mr. Abhilash Patel
Abhilash Patel is pursuing PhD in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi. He is currently the team leader of iGEM IIT Delhi.


Prof. Atul Narang (DBEB)
Dr. Atul Narang is the Head of Department of Department of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology (DBEB), IIT Delhi. He has supported us remarkably in terms of the lab space, resources and facilities.

Prof.Shaunak Sen (Department of Electrical Engineering)
Prof. Shaunak Sen has assisted us profoundly with Microscopes, Plate-readers, and protocols. We would also like to thank him for his valuable advices on the idea Square Wave Generator, especially during the brainstorming sessions at the beginning.

Prof. James Gomes (Kusuma School of Biological Sciences)
We would like to greatly acknowledge Prof. James Gomes for his invaluable guidance towards the idea of the project. He has also assisted us with mathematical analysis, design and construction and possible topologies of the project.

Dr.Vivekanandan Perumal ( Kusuma School of Biological Sciences)
Dr. Vivekanandan is an assistant professor at KSBS, IIT Delhi. He helped us in developing our cloning strategy and provided us with various lab equipments at crucial times.

Dr.Ashish Misra (DBEB)
Dr. Ashish Misra is an assistant professor at DBEB, IIT Delhi and is a Professor mentor at iGEM IIT Delhi. He joined the team in 2016 and has helped us in troubleshooting our project and gaining more insight into it.

PhD. Researchers

Ms.Anamika Chauhan
Ms. Anamika is a PhD student at DBEB, IIT Delhi and has been a part of team iGEM IIT Delhi since 2015. She was crucial to our Wet Lab experiments and troubleshooting and helped us improve our lab procedures. Moreover, she has been very supportive at crucial moments faced during the project.

Mr. Arun Thapa
Mr. Arun is a PhD student at DBEB, IIT Delhi and has been a mentor for iGEM IIT Delhi since 2016. He played a significant role in Wet lab experiments and troubleshooting and gave us crucial advice at critical times.

Assistance form Various Labs

UG Lab
Mr.Gulshan is the Lab Assistant of the Undergrad Lab, he has played a crucial role in terms of providing lab facilities and access throughout the entire tenure of the project.

Mr. Venkat and Mr. Soumyadeep have assisted us in the Dynamic Control of Biological Systems Lab, and helped us refine our lab protocols and methods.

Human Practices

Schools Across Delhi
We conducted synthetic Biology workshops various School across the city: Modern School, Bal Bharti School, Sanskriti School, SpringDales, Bloom Public School,Carmel Convent School. We express our gratitude towards all of these schools for their support in this endeavour.

Professors at IIT Delhi
We would also like to thank Prof. P. V. Madhusudhan Rao (Mechanical Engineering Department) for their support to conduct human practices at Institute level.


Smiley face Mr. Brij Mohan Gupta:
We thank Mr. Brij Mohan Gupta aka Bade Bhaiyya for his hearty financial Contributions and moral support for our whole team.

We thank our Snapgene for providing us licenses to its software which made the work of designing and analyzing the gene sequences very remarkably convenient.

We express our gratitude to Mathworks for providing us with Licenses to MATLAB and Simulink which provided us with a great tool for computational modeling.

Ketto Donors:
We would also like to express our gratitude towards all the people who funded our project through our Ketto Campaign Page.

Previous Sponsors:
We thank our sponsors for their support in the previous years of iGem IIT Delhi: Mahindra, Woodland, Coding Blocks, Medanta, DHL, Prompt

Team Members

Saksham Sharma, Abhilash Patel, Vasu Jain, Priyanka Singh, Shubham Jain, Neha Arora, Soumya Gupta

Computational Modeling:
Abhilash Patel, Shubham Jain, Vedant Raval,Vasu Jain

Human Practices:
Saksham Sharma, Vasu Jain, Shubham Jain, Priyanka Singh, Neha Arora, Soumya Gupta, Ankush Barman, Aman Sahu, Vedant Raval

Wiki Development:
Aman Kumar Sahu, Vedant Raval, Divya Choudhary, Saksham Sharma, Priyanka Singh, Vasu Jain, Shubham Jain

Creative, Design and Content Development:
Saksham Sharma, Priyanka Singh, Vasu Jain, Shubham Jain, Neha Arora, Soumya Gupta

Saksham Sharma, Vedant Raval, Aman Sahu, Soumya Gupta, Vasu Jain

Research Institute

We thank our institute, IIT Delhi wholeheartedly.

iGEM Foundation

Last but not the least, we are extremely grateful to International Genetic Engineering Machine Foundation for creating such an incredible platform 'iGEM Competition' where multidisciplinary students get the opportunity to work and build genetically engineered systems using standard biological parts(BioBricks) to solve real-world challenges. Moreover, it brings all such students and their projects together annually.

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