Team:LACAS BioBots/Attributions


All wet lab work was carried out by team members at the Center of Excellence in Molecular Biology (CEMB) which was made accessible to us thanks to Dr.Athar Osama of the Pakistan Innovations foundation(PIF) and the Director of CEMB. We are also thankful to our school for paying off 4500$ of the registration fee and supporting our endeavor in registering the first ever Highschool team of Pakistan.

Special thanks to members of iGEM Team Peshawar 2017 for guiding us throughout the process. Finally, we would like to thank Riship Diwani, who worked with our team leader at the National Stem School and proposed the idea which we have propogated in our project.


Lab supervisor: Dr.Bushra Rasheed for giving us a space in her lab and providing for us necessary materials and resources.

Lab training: Miss Rida Sadaqat for giving us biosafety training and general assistance and guidance for performing protocols

Material: Thanks to NEB for granting us the biobrick kit of enzymes and DH5alpha and to PHILCO ltd for shipping it to us safely and on time.

Human Practices

DAWN NEWS interview:

We would like to thank Miss Nida Athar of PIF who set up our interview with Mr.Zarar Khoru at DAWN to propagate iGEM in Pakistan

Innovatepk article:

Again thanks to the efforts of Miss Nida Athar and her colleagues who wrote a wonderful article on us at their website.

Synbio Workshop Islamabad:

Hosted by the PIF and led by Dr.Faisal Khan of CECOS university Peshawar.

Synthetic Biology workshop:

Thanks to our school for providing us a venue to host two days of synbio workshop for students during summer.