Team:LACAS BioBots/InterLab


Here are our Standard curves obtained from our interlab data.

The plate reader we used was a Molecular Devices Spectra Max. The only drawback of this plate reader was its inability to take flourescence measurements, for which we instead measured OD at 495nm. We took this step initially on the flourescein dilutions. These showed a decreasing Optical Density for diluter samples, which made us confident in replacing these measurements for the flourescence values.

Our initial transformations for the interlab DNA yielded only parts 2F and 2H successful. We initially used the common protocol which was followed by our lab (CEMB). Switching to the protocol directed by iGEM, which involved using the CCMB80 buffer, we had success on our second attempt, and transformed all parts except 2P. Below is a picture showing beautiful green flourescence from one transformation.


During incubations of samples for time t=0 and t=6 hours, there was a definite increase in flourescence which is evident in this image.