Team:LACAS BioBots/Human Practices

Human Practices

We conducted the following activities which contribute to our teams human practices:

DAWN News Interview:

Team Leaders Muhammad Shaheer and Marsad Siddique were invited to a local talkshow, named "Zara Hat Kay" which translates to "Out of the box", hosted by DAWN News Network of our country Pakistan. The show aired on 7th of May 2018, gathering 9,800 views on youtube alone, and many more on live TV. The show can be viewed here(link), and is in our local language Urdu. Our segment starts at 16:00 till the end at 35:04

Innovatepk article

The local website InnovatePk published an article about our team

click here to view

Synbio Workshop Islamabad:

Hosted by the Pakistan Innovation Foundation, this unique SynBio workshop was led by Dr.Faisal from CECOS university who was the mentor of the previous teams of iGEM Peshawar. Our team presented its idea in front of the audience, which included professors, students and people in the industry.

SynBio Workshop 1.0

The team did an impeccable job at conveying to their audience as to what exactly they had been doing in the lab in the past few months and as to what their final goal was. They explained how they were working tirelessly to form the substance known as nacre in the lab which naturally is a very slow process but when carried out in the lab can be carried out at a much quicker rate. The team made sure to also explain how their experiment and studies could have an impact on the growth of synthetic biology in Pakistan and also have a really overwhelming effect in orthopedic engineering tissue worldwide.

SynBio Workshop 2.0

After first successful workshop held in LACAs, our team decided to host another workshop, this time continuing from where we left of in the first workshop. The event was even more successful than the first one in terms of students attending them

SNT outreach

A few weeks ago we got the chance to talk to underprivileged kids about synthetic biology at the Sakina Nazli Trust (SNT) School. All of them had almost no prior knowledge of the field and seemed quite intrigued by the concept. We look forward to engaging with more students and audiences soon.