Team Attributions

Name responsible involved helping
Alexandra Seiffermann Interlab and Vinterlab Wiki, Public presentations Sponsoring, Meet Up
Andrej Mušikić Modeling Metabolic Engineering, Public Engagement, Meet Up
Anna Trodler CRISPR/Cas9 Public Engagement Vinterlab, Human Practices, Part Collection, Meet Up
Benjamin Daniel Biosensor, Sponsoring, Financial Organization, Interlab, Public Presentation Human Practices, Public engagement, Wiki, Vinterlab Meet Up, Metabolic Engineering
Benjamin Marchal Wiki Design, HTML seminar
Carl Weile Thessaloniki Collaboration Characterization of V. natriegens, Vinterlab Part collection, Public Engagement, Meet Up
Carlos Helbig Ori characterization, Public Presentation Sponsoring Public Engagement, Meet Up, Labautomation
Daniel Bauersachs Integration sites Sponsoring Meet Up Part Collection, Social Media, Strain Engineering
Daniel Marchal Metabolic Engineering, Labautomation, Public Presentations Wiki General, Organization, Integrated Human, Practices, Biosensors Human Practices Public Engagement, Meet Up
Daniel Stukenberg Part Collection, Contact iGEM HQ, Software, iGEM Forms, CRISPR/Cas9, General organization, Labautomation Public Presentation, Vinterlab Sponsoring, Biosensors, Meet Up, Metabolic, Engineering
Franziska Müller Strain Engineering, Human Practices, Social Media, Collaboration, Wiki, Design, General Organization Sponsoring, Vinterlab, Public Engagement Meet Up
Franziska Nousch Biosensors, Integrated Human, Practices, Public Engagement, Design Wiki, Sponsoring, Public, Presentations, Vinterlab, Human Practices Vibrio, Characterization, Meet Up, Metabolic Engineering
Jana Jung Strain Engineering, Design, General organization, Labautomation Human Practices, Collaboration, Wiki, Sponsoring, Public Engagement Meet Up, Integrated Human Practices
Josef Hoff Vibrio Characterization, Cloning, Vinterlab Part Collection, Sponsoring, General Organization Human Practices, Meet Up, Public Engagement
Memduha Muratoglu Strain Engineering, Design, General Organization, Public Presentations Human Practices, Sponsoring, Collaboration, Public Engagement, Wiki, Integrated Human Practices Meet Up
Tobias Hensel Part Collection, iGEM registry, Treasurer, Vinterlab Public Engagement, Vibrio characterization, Cloning Meet Up, Human Practices
Torben Gutermuth Modeling, Meet Up, Wiki, Integrated Human Practices Public Presentations, Metabolic Engineering, General Organization Human Practices
Katrin Beuthert General organization Sponsoring, Design Wiki, Collaboration, Meet-Up
Rene Inckemann Mentoring:
Metabolic Engineering, Interlab, Lab automation, Biosensors, General organization
Part Collection, Strain Engineering, Human Practices, Public Engagement
Sponsoring, Meet Up


Human Practices and Public Engagement

Dr Tobias Mahnke

For the insights into pedagogical methods for the teaching of sight impaired students and support during all phases of the planning and conduct of our laboratory open days for students of the Carl Strehl School

Dr Michael Schween

For initial discussions of experiment design and providing laboratory equipment for the chemistry experiment day.

Roland Stephan

For providing a colour-to-sound optometer and the discussion of future collaborations to develop a device to measure optical density for sight-impaired students

Tanja Desch and ProLOEWE

For giving us the opportunity to reach out to a broad audience during the Hesse Day Fair in Korbach. Allowing us to present our project and engage the public into fundamental biological methods with hands-on experiments.

Brita Kortus und Franz-Josef Visse

For their interviews on how a blind student can apply for university and manage everyday university life.

Viktor Kratz

for being bombarded with questions from our visually impaired students about how the blind can sucessfully study science.

Integrated Human Practices

Prof Dr Oskar Zelder

For his experts opinion on the industrial applicability of Vibrio natriegens for fermentation processes.

Robert Giessmann

For his expertise, instruction and help to investigate the changes of oxygen and pH levels during the growth of Vibrio natriegens in the Peter Neubauer laboratory at the TU Berlin

Karsten Schürrle (DECHEMA)

for sharing insights into white biotech and bioreactor applications.

Crystals First

For their continuous support and input and especially for the opportunity to test our project on a real world problem

Prof. Steinmetzer and working group

For the opportunity to test our poject on a real problem, the expression of matriptase , and their support during that time


Prof Dr Peter Graumann

and his group for great support and for providing us with laboratory space. He gave us access too many materials and we wouldn’t have been able to fulfill our project without this help. Furthermore, he progressed and supported our funding campaign in the Department of Chemistry.

Frauke Körner

for helping us getting by in the lab of Prof. Graumann

Sabrina Steidl

for reliably providing us with most of the labware we needed

Pietro Giammarinaro

For introducing us to the ICT technique needed to complete our collaboration with Göttingen

Prof.Kolb and Prof.Klebe including their respective working groups

For providing us with the necessary infrastructure and software access for our structural model

Antje Schäfer

For ensuring that our laboratory worked smoothly. :)

Pascal Pfister

for his constant scientific advice, his patience with thousands of our questions and for sharing his valuable plasmids with us

Prof Dr Tobias Erb

for all his scientific input considering metabolic and enzyme engineering and his providing us with a suitable laboratory space for our metabolics project.

Research Group Erb

for their everlasting patience with our obnoxious intrusion and their support throughout our project.

Dr Wieland Steinchen

For putting up with us and sharing his narrow laboratory with us regardlessly

Prof. Dr. Lotte Søgaard-Andersen

for providing the Strain Engineering team with a lab to stay in.

The Søgaard-Andersen Group

for supporting the Strain Engineering team.

The Maier Group

for allowing us to use their electroporator

Dr. Stefan Rösel

for providing us with advice in legal issues

The Rensing Group

for housing a team member and letting her work on igem during her bachelor thesis

The Fritz Group

for providing laboratory space and support in our projekt

The Borchers Group

For supporting us with lab ressources

The Kahmann Group

For helping us out with lab ressources

The Becker Group

For inviting us to their conferences and allowd us to use their electroporator nearly every day.

Astrid Brandis-Heep

For her work towards the recognition of our team by the Department of Biology.


UMR 2027

For supporting and promoting us

Dr. Hannes Link

for his advice on the computational possibilities in metabolic engineering especially with regard to our metabolic model

Dr. Patrick Sobetzko

for providing us with several plasmids and input for our strain engineering subteam.

Alexander Lepak and Pietro Giammarinaro

For introducing us to the ICT technique needed to complete our collaboration with Göttingen

Marie Burghard and Benjamin (Ben) Mayer

For being all ears about our problems and question of scientific and personal nature.

Dr. Ankur Dalia

For sending us his strains with the plasmid we needed and for being a great help whenever we had questions concerning his protocols.

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Waldminghaus

For initial discussions about our Strain Engineering project and for making the first contact with Dr. Ankur Dalia.

Joel Eichmann

For sharing his expert knowledge about working with V. natriegens.

Dr. Max Mundt

for measuring a growth curve of V. natriegens with flow cytometry and for his advice regarding the design of our integration site experiment

Dr. Thomas Heimerl

For helping and advising us for electron microscopy.

Dr. Karlheiz Rexer

For doing scanning electron micoscropy with us.

Helga Kisselbach-Heckmann

For fixation of V. natriegens in epoxy resin an electron microscopy

Advisors and PIs

Prof Dr Gert Bange

First PI; helping with organizational issues. Constructive feedback for many aspects of our project.

Dr Georg Fritz

Secondary PI; advice on data analysis, our metabolic model, Matlab programming and general project discussion and improvement.

Hendrik Cooper

Lead Designer for Poster and Presentation, Merchandise, Logo and Website Illustration. Instructor for Adobe Illustrator. Advice on iGEM-related presentation such as tips for presentation. Co-Excecutive for Outreach and Public Presentation via Social Media.


Dr Jan-Wolfhard Kellmann

Helping with university politics on finances and managing our sponsoring money. For help with ALL questions and tasks finance related. We like to highlight his personal commitment and his great enthuisiasm for our team's success.

Karin Sievers

Ensuring our orders got to us smoothly even if we forgot about them sometimes.

Prof Dr Norbert Hampp

For supporting and massively helping with our funding campaign in the Department of Chemistry and beyond. Furthermore, for his courageous words and belief in our cause.

Dr Stefan Blümling

for being our liaison with the City of Marburg and working tirelessly to help us.

Tanja Marczinek

for helping us get around with the universities bureaucracy in finance issues


PHCBI (especially Oliver Steinmetz)

for providing us with an amazing incubator and for introducing us so many more valuable people for our fundraising.

Heidolph (especially Daniela Jury and Philipp Wacker)

for providing us with a shaking incubator.

Sarstedt and Mathias Berghaus

for providing consumables for our successful laboratory work

B. Marchal