Meet the Team

We as iGEM Team Marburg 2018 are very proud to present this years team. The team consists of 15 team members from various different fields ranging from traditional biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, chemistry, physics to computer science and this made it possible to work in a very interdisciplinary environment. It was only possible to do this project thanks to our two team leaders, our instructor, and our two PIs. Last but not least we want to thank our amazing board of 8 advisors because of their continuous support the project became what it is today.

Team Leaders

  • Daniel Stukenberg
  • Memduha Muratoglu


  • Daniel Bauersachs
  • Benjamin Daniel
  • Torben Gutermuth
  • Carlos Helbig
  • Tobias Hensel
  • Josef Hoff
  • Jana Jung
  • Benjamin Marchal
  • Daniel Marchal
  • Franziska Müller
  • Andrej Mušikić
  • Franziska Nousch
  • Alexandra Seiffermann
  • Anna Trodler
  • Carl Jonathan Weile


  • Rene Inckemann


Hendrik Cooper
Stefano Vecchione
Pascal Pfister
Dr. Doreen Meier
Vielen Dank Tobias!
Tobias Wulsdorf
Alex Lepak
Daniel Rotter
Carlo Klein

Principal Investigators

Prof.Dr. Gert Bange
Dr. Georg Fritz
B. Marchal