North American Midwestern Meetup

Our team organized a meetup for Midwestern teams on June 30th, held at Michigan State University. In attendance were team members from Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, Carroll High School, and University of Iowa, respectively. We spent the morning on a very warm tour of the university’s botanical gardens, learning about a range of plants and the history behind the gardens. In the afternoon, each team gave a short presentation and answered questions about their project, ending in a tour of our team’s lab and facilities. Through this meetup, we made connections with other teams and began our collaboration with Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Rose Hulman Institute of Technology (Indiana, USA)

The team offered us code for MATLAB kinetics modeling of our proteins; we assisted the team in Gibson assembly of their plasmid.

North American iGEM Kickoff (Virtual participation, held in Canada)

Our team joined the Kickoff virtually, taking part in the workshops, presenting our project to attendees, and participating in a breakout session with other teams. The experience proved helpful, as we were able to gain feedback about our project, as well as offer advice to other teams.

Stony Brook iGEM (NY, USA)

Our team participated in a month long Instagram challenge, where each day posts were made involving our team, our project, and our college town.

iGEM Duesseldorf (Germany)

We created postcards to send to over 100 iGEM teams throughout the world, and received them from iGEM teams. Our team's postcard is shown below.

Tec CEM (Mexico)

Our team participated in video collaboration, contributing 30 seconds of video clip for “Moves like iGEM.”

Skype Calls

Some of our Skype calls did not result in official collaborations, but we still discussed our projects with other teams and provided any resources we could offer them, and vice versa. We were very grateful for the opportunity to meet other iGEM teams before the Giant Jamboree and learn about their projects and cultures!

Ben Gurion University (Israel)

We discussed PCR and troubleshooting PCR within our project. We communicated via Skype, with the team offering advice on our PCR problems.

National University of Singapore (Singapore)

We assisted their team in brainstorming ideas for integrated human practices, including sessions with school-aged children. The team assisted us in finding sponsorships from companies.

Boston University (Boston, MA, USA)

We assisted the team in finding information on biomass from researchers at Michigan State; they sent information to us regarding dimers on our project. We met several times via Skype to discuss progress and offer advice.