Team:SBS SH 112144/Collaborations


Why do we collaborate

Collaboration is one of the core values in scientific pursuits. Famous Biologist and evolutionist Charles Darwin once said, "Those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed". Thus, neither science nor human progress should be constrained as the responsibility of an isolated group of people. As high schoolers, this is our first year to delve deep into synthetic biology and doing iGEM project. We have encountered multiple technical problems. Thanks to two collegiate problems that the problems in the end were resolved with their enthusiastic help

1. team "ShanghaiTech 2018"

Because our laboratory was super closed to the lab of the team "ShanghaiTech 2018", it was very easy for us to ask for help when we realized we happened to lose the PSB1C3 plasmid. Not only did "ShanghaiTech 2018" provide us with PSB1C3 plasmid, but they wholeheartedly provided us assistance in molecular cloning.

ShanghaiTech 2018

2. team "BNU-China"

Team "BNU-China" assisted us in math computations during the modeling process. We discussed about how to use PSO arithmetic to deal with multiple variables.