Team:SBS SH 112144/Team


TEAM Members

Wensan Yin

Team Leader

Hello, my name is Wensan, and I am the team captain of "SBS-SH-112144". I am a junior at the Stony Brook School on Long Island, New York. As the captain of the entire team, I oversee and participate in every aspects of the project including experiment design and execution, activity discussion, and wiki edition. I have a vision for this team that everyone involved will grow in both character and skill. As a Christian "philosopher", the theme of life intrigues me- this is why I love biology. I have lots of experience with biology: internships in hospital, summer sessions in University of Chicago, labs in the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and AP Bio class at school. I wish to learn as much as possible during the iGEM preparation and lead my team to strive for excellence!

Andy Wang

Team Leader

I am Yicheng (Andy) Wang, a student dabbling in the field of synthetic Biology and employed iGEM as the first springboard from the elementary course material to practical lab works. I would admit participating iGEM to be a painstaking process as I paralleled the research with organization of the team. Neither multitudinous experience as a leader nor advanced academic skills were possessed of me, yet I do embrace the honor to perform as one of the leaders and stride with my teammates on the path of pursuing academic excellence as well as consummation of inner spirit. Extensive experiments were implemented and the team peeked into the hardship of scientific research, not only from the repetitive trials and failures, but also through the attempts to raise requisite funding. iGEM will unquestionably be placed as the first milestone of my career, and I believe, in God's testimony, hope will be fulfilled through diligence.

Dylan Zou

Team Member

I'm Taojun (Dylan) Zou from Friends Central School. As the dry Group manager, my extensive work includes leading the team to plan and conducting human practice activities, as well as overseeing the progress with an eye on putting our product into application. At first, I joined the competition out of my interest in biology and was excited to make something that could really change the life of millions of people with synthetic biology. I still feel the same way, but I've come to realize that how much a technology change people's life is not justified by how cuttingedge it is, but how effective and useful it is in the life.

Molly Lin

Team Member

I'm Molly Lin from SEFLS. As a member of dry group, I mostly write about Human Practice part of the wiki and poster. I look forward to working with the team and improving my research skills. Participating in the iGEM competition has helped me with my future plan and has strengthened my aspiration as a young scientist.

Candy Zhou

Team Member

Hi, I' m Yinchi(Candy) Zhou, a Junior from The Stony Brook School on Long Island. Currently, I am a member of the wet group, which focuses on experiments and results. I spent the whole summer working on our biological project in Shanghai. I found iGEM inspiring me on science. It not only elevated my academic ability but also taught me cooperation skills. Investigating and doing research are challenging for a high school student. We definitely struggled a lot, but we made it eventually. I eventually realize that biology is not a simple subject: it relates to social science, economy, engineer, etc, which have significant impacts on our life. I appreciate this amazing experience.

Miranda Zheng

Team Member

Hello! I'm Zhiyi(Miranda) Zheng from Shanghai, China. I am currently a sophomore from St. Stephen's Episcopal School in Austin, Texas. I'm the co-manager of Dry Group as well as the co-director for our homepage video. I'm very glad to be a part of our team this year, and I also enjoyed working with different people. In addition to gaining more academic knowledge, iGEM to me is also a fantastic teamwork experience—confronting an issue, struggling with it, and solving it altogether. When I'm not working on anything academic, you may find me dancing, fencing, making film, or hanging out with people!

Yu Xia

Team Member

My name is Yu Xia , I am a member of the wet group. I am responsible for the molecular cloning part of the experiment. Before I joined in the iGEM team , I did only a few simple experiments at school: so this is almost my first time to participate in such an amazing event. By doing the experiments, I grew in my knowledge and broadened my horizon. I also learned how to work with a team. In the future, I want to do more research in biology and be a real scientist.

Haocheng(Harry) Li

Team Member

I study at Xiangming Senior High School, Shanghai, China. In the dry group, I played a role in media propaganda and social research. I am also in charge of running wechat official subscription account, and is responsible for the survey design and data analysis, together with other teammates. I found myself interested in these jobs, enjoyed collaborating with so many friends at the same age, and, most importantly, with the same goal in our hearts.

Herui Song

Team Member

My name is Herui Song. I'm a sophomore from Edgewood High School and I am a member of dry group. I participated in the wiki and video production. I enjoyed working together with friends of the same age toward a common goal (we were all shy when we first met, but we became friends gradually after working together for a while) ; I also learned more in social science as well as artistic design, for my job is to make video to publicize our projects. I come to realize the importance of teamwork. In the future, I wish I can become a biologist or master diverse useful and novel computer skills.

Agnes Zhou

Team Member

Hi! I'm Jiayi (Agnes) Zhou from Shanghai, China. I'm a junior at the Stony Brook School on Long Island. I am very glad to be on this team and work with all these awesome people that are passionate about Biology. I mainly lead the survey and activities design, as well writing articles about notebook and protocol on team Wiki.

Xu Yang

Team Member

Hello, my name is Xu Yang. My job in the team is to update WeChat articles daily, and I am also a web editor. In the past, I participated in the cultivation experiment of tea fungus in the biological society. My biggest impression of participating in iGEM is that the research projects that are beneficial to the society are really worth spending time, energy and money on. I will further my study in computer science in the future. My ideal job is software engineer. I am now learning Java and HTML by myself in the summer vacation.

Hongyuan(Fred) Fan

Team Member

I'm HongYuan (Fred) Fan from The Winchendon School. As a dry group member, I focused on the human practices such as social research, publicity work, and team website, almost all the work except for experiment. iGEM was a brand new experience for me. I had some lessons before the experiment started and participated in the discussion, and later I joined the dry group and deal with the work mostly concerning Human Practice. I also went to the laboratory on my free time to help other team members, as well as improving the understanding of our topic. This experience teaches me how to do better on social research and write webpages. I expect to have a fun experience on the final competition!

Ziqing Gao

Team Member

I'm Ziqing Gao from Paul.D.Schreiber on Long Island, New York. I am obsessed in the biology and medicine. I have spent my summer volunteering in a children hospital and nursing home. I also worked as part-time intern at a dental office. As a member of both wet and dry group, I recognize my duty as connecting wet and dry group together, making sure teammates fully understand each other's work. Therefore, I am responsible for not only conducting experiment in the laboratory, but also researching, recording the progress of experiment, and writing articles for WeChat official accounts. iGEM is such an exciting and wonderful chance for me to dig into laboratory with great passion. From this experience with our amazing teammates, I gained so much knowledge and greatly appreciated our supportive and strong team spirit!

Peicheng Ji

Team Member

I am Peicheng Ji from WLSA, Shanghai. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to join iGEM and work with my team. I am a member of the wet group, which means I can learn a lot about molecular biology. During the summer break, I spent much time on experiments and cooperated with my team members. As a result, I managed to make a lot of friends.We also relaxed in the spare time together. I'm so lucky to join my team "SBS-SH-112144" and know about my teammates.


Yibei Xiao

primary PI of our team

Dr. Xiao obtained his Ph.D degree from Lübeck University (Germany) and then worked as a postdoc researcher at Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics of Cornell University for five years. In recent 3 years, he has published 6 papers on Science, Nature and Cell. He has been admitted into the program of the Thousand Talents Plan (the Recruitment for Young Professionals) and has been qualified to be given preferential grant. Currently he holds the position of professor and Ph.D supervisor at China Pharmaceutical University. His research interests include Mechanism of CRISPR-Cas systems for antiviral defense and gene editing.

Can Shen


Mr. Shen obtained his bachelor degree from East China University of Science and Technology and MBA degree from Fudan University. He spent 4 years in conducting virology research at ICAV team of Lübeck University (Germany). He has profound experience in designing STEM education programs in collaboration with world-leading universities and research institutes for high schools and education consulting firms.

Fang Luo


Fang Luo is ready to obtain his bachelor's degree from ShanghaiTech University in June 2019. He served as the team leader of the university 's iGEM team in 2017 and has been working at Wei L. Shen lab, ShanghaiTech University since Oct. 2015. Currently, his research interests are in the area of Computational neuroscience, behavioral analysis, and neuroimaging.

Guanghui Ma


Advisor Guanghui Ma obtained master degree from Shanghai Institute of Medical Meterials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and majored in pharmacology.

Ke Zhu


Ke Zhu, holder of master degree in International Business-Accountancy from Maastricht University, the Netherlands, dual degree in Greek and Finance from Shanghai International Studies University