Team:SBS SH 112144/Demonstrate


Demonstration of our Project

Consists of a group of ambitious and studious high scholars, our aim to resolve the problem of cyanobacteria with a unique synthetic biology approach, and we are willing to however much time and effort to achieve our goal. As we've mentioned in the background and overview of our project, we intend to develop a economically feasible method to eliminate overgrowing cyanobacteria.

Our realistic approach consists of 3 parts:

First of all, we designed an experiment to test the function of the lysozyme we are using. Through molecular cloning, we are able to obtain the effective plasmid containing the lysozyme gene; we have purified the lysozyme and tested its function under different pH, temperature, enzyme concentration and reaction time. The specific details of this part of work could be seen in our experiment results

Afterwards we used complex math computation and models to acquire the optimal experimental parameters that could be adopted by our device.

Our device has multiple comparative advantages compared to other solutions to the problem: it is able to degrade and utility resistant salvaged cyanobacteria which none of the existing method is able to achieve; it is cheap and efficient because once the enzyme is implemented, it could be recycled; and most importantly, since it can very effectively become a part of environmental-friendly cyanobacteria elimination system, this achieves our goal of using simple biological methods to solve environmental problems.

Without further due, it is time to deploy our device and let it achieve its full potential to bring benefits!!!