Team:SCU-China - 2018

During this year’s project processing, we lied great emphasis on the safety matter. Due to some experimental accidents occurred in our school this spring semester, our college become stricter when it involves experiments done by newcomers in the lab. All the members in SCU-China were asked to pass a safety knowledge test in order to launch the experiment safely. The test contains different safety knowledges related to biosafety and how to utilize fire and electricity safely. Students should pass a pre-test with at least 90 scores to get the final test qualification and the pass line is also 90, 100 being the total marks.

Apart from the safety knowledge training, we also attach the importance to the experimental manipulation safety. Related course was shown in our winter training timetable (see attribution and about us part). Sophomores are surprised when they did some experiment at the first time to make sure they would not catch a bad habit and guarantee the biosafety. when people need to use dangerous instruments like high speed centrifuge or autoclaves, they are required to register on certain notebook. Ventilator and other equipment in our new lab also ensure the safety matter.

Figure 1. Our Lab
The strains and genes we used are in iGEM’s white list and mentioned in safety form that it would not cause any harm to the environment if we manipulated properly. At the beginning of our project, we planned to use indigo produced by our engineering E. coli to dye team uniform. But it is hard for us to filter E. coli and its metabolism from dye to produced a volume of safe dye in laboratory. Considering the safety, eventually, we gave up this idea.

Besides, we provided a clean and safe laboratory environment for team members to do research. We classified our reagents and drugs, put hazardous reagents into the special storage cabinet and marked them for warning. In order to preclude some hazards, we also periodically worked with our college’s safety committee to examine our facilities.

Figure 2. Our Lab