Yangzhen Wei
I am a senior, majoring in bioinformatics from SJTU. With the interest in programming, I choose to join in SJTU-Software. As I have been in the team for two years, this year I choose to be our team leader, with the hope that my experience can help our team and other members. In my spare time, I like playing badminton and watching movies. During holidays, I travel along with my camera and have taken many photos. What’s more, I like video games, especially soul-like games. Nice to meet you in Boston!
Chenyi Xie
Hello, there! My name is Winnie and it’s my second time to be involved in the iGEM competition! I am studying in Biotechnology, so my role in the software team is to help the programmers to understand the program in a biological way. I enjoy travelling and debating, and also love to be fulfilled! Hope to have a splendid time in Boston!
Enming Yuan
Hello, I am Yuan Enming, a senior student from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. I major in Bioinformatics. My research interests are data science, statistics and machine learning. I enjoy finding something interesting from data, and then applying to practice. In our project, I am responsible for the algorithm and programming. I am an optimistic person and experienced a fulfilling university life with many meaningful social activities.
Feifei Geng
I am a senior student in Life Science and Biotechnology College in SJTU, whose major is bioinformatics. The combination of biology and computer science is so fascinating that I choose this major and want to be a member of the IGEM team. In my leisure hours I like reading fictions and drawing. I’m also interested in other kinds of art; Leonardo da Vinci is the artist that I appreciate most and I really admire his creativity. It is the first time that I have involved in an international competition, which makes me really excited. Best wish to everyone and hope to make friend with you! : )
Haoyu Meng
I'm Haoyu Meng, a student from College of life science and technology from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, interested in pattern design and program design. I think I have learned a lot from this experience in which I took charge of wiki writing and project discussion , being better in the future. Hope to meet you in Boston.
Hao Zhou
I am a senior, majoring in Cyberspace Security from SJTU. I choose to join SJTU-Software due to my interest in software engineering and coding. But I’m not just a boring programmer. I have many hobbies, including soccer, baseball, F1, classical music, etc. Hope to make friends with you in Boston!
Junchen Yang
I'm Junchen Yang. Mere data makes a man. A and C and T and G. The alphabet of us. I have other two, 0 and 1.
Kai Kang
I am a senior student in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, major in bioinformatics. I have done some research in data science and have some insights. I am in charge of design and code section in our team. I believe that I can learn from this project and I look forward to in the broader compass of my potential to tap into the knowledge learned into practice. In everyday life, I like watching movies and woodworking. I hope you like be my friends!
Naiqiao Hou
I am a senior student in Life Science and Biotechnology College in SJTU. My major is bioinformatics. I usually like to play tennis and watch movies and during the vacation, I also love travelling to different places. In the SJTU_Software team, I belong to the Human Practice group, which is in charge of getting more people involved in our project. Besides, I have learned much in synthetic biology during the team discussion of the project thesis. I am really looking forward to the Giant Jamboree and I do believe we gonna achieve the Grand Prize!
Ruitian Gao
I’m a junior student in SJTU, majoring in bioinformatics and minoring in Computer Science. I am interested in Rubik's cube, photography and travel. In my spare time, I also have a passion for sports such as running. As an easy-going person, I like to communicate with others and make new friends, which can bring me more inspiration and broaden my horizon. I believe I can learn plenty of knowledge and improve my ability by joining in SJTU-Software Team! I can make what I learn in class into practical application by participating in iGEM. The valuable experience can increase my programming skills and enhance my comprehension of synthetic biology. I hope our team can get good grades in October this year!
Sheng Xiang
I am a junior majored in Bioinformatics from SJTU. I have great interest in team work and programming, so I join SJTU-Software. I like mountaineering and swimming. And I like to find new things or to see the beauty of the world. I am responsible for the back-end coding, and I hope I can improve my programming skill by take part in the competition. I want to make friends with you in the process of learning of practicing.
Xiaohan Chi
I am a senior student from SJTU, currently majoring in bioinformatics. Out of interest in synthetic biology, I am already in the SJTU-Software team for two years. In the team, I am mainly responsible for the production of something related to the design, such as posters, PPT, displayed panels and other production. I am good at playing pingpong and captivated in Glory of King. This year is the second time for me to join the team, so I hope I can enjoy more and learn more, of course, have to get good grades!
Yuntian Xia
My name is Yuntian Xia, and I am a senior from the School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, SJTU, majoring in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics. “Versatile” as you can call me, I am a programmer, a statistician, a photographer and a traveler. Besides, I have a passion for Rubik’s Cubes and cooking. Wish us SJTU_Software Team best of luck!
Zhe Wang
I am a junior majored in bioinformatics from SJTU. I am interested in programming and algorithm. My teammates are excellent and I’m very happy to be friends with them. I have learned new knowledge through this competition.


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