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Our team has participated in 2018 iGEM's InterLab studies as a requirement of a bronze medal. The InterLab studies aim to unite the labs all around the world in a scientifically standardized process to facilitate the cooperation between international labs. Throughout the InterLab studies the teams carry out the same experiments but every team's analysis and measurement methods are different so the connection between different labs gets interrupted. For this problem, iGEM developed a standardized procedure to measure green fluorescent protein (GFP). The measurement protocols prepared by iGEM offer a reliable and repeatable measurement process which is valid all over the world that further eases the challenge synthetic biologists face.

InterLab studies offered our team a great opportunity to get familiar with the lab environment, to take our first steps in the fascinating world of synthetic biology and most importantly developing our understanding of scientific methodology. It also helped us grasp the concept of our real experiments.

See our results below...

Fluorescein standard curve:

Raw plate reader measurements:

Fluorescence measurements:


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