Team:Saint Joseph/Collaborations

Since this was our first year in the competition, collaborating with other teams was one of the essentials for us. Through our Skype sessions and e-mails, we could understand what needed to be done and we learned the proper attitude that we should have in this competition. We would like to thank every single team who collaborated with us. You guys are the best. Good luck in the competition!

ACIBADEM University

Our biggest collaboration was with the ACIBADEM iGEM 2018 team. We have done the whole InterLab protocols together in their lab. We were together all summer. Even though it's their first year in iGEM as well, they are college students so they are more experienced than us therefore they helped us a lot during the InterLab. It's thanks to this dedicated team that we were able to complete the InterLab studies. Especially Yasin, Atabey and Ali Adem Bahar. They helped us with every single problem we had.

NYU Abu Dhabi

We have participated in a virtual conference which was organized by iGEM NYU Abu Dhabi 2018 team. The Skype session had 5 iGEM teams in total. Each team presented their projects and shared opinions with each other. It was a productive and beneficial collaboration for us!

Pasteur Paris

We have organized a skype meeting with iGEM Pasteur 2018 team. We showed our projects to each other and exchanged our views. We really enjoyed having a collaboration with an other francophone school team.

METU HS Ankara

We have contacted iGEM MetuHS 2018 team as we learned that they were joining iGEM for the third time. As they are the only high school team from Turkey other than us, it was a little bit easier to keep in contact. We believe we became good friends with the members.

2018 Turkish Meet-Up

We have participated in the Turkey iGEM Meet-up which was held by MetuHS iGEM 2018 team. We met with all other iGEM 2018 Teams from Turkey. Each team has presented their projects and asked questions to one another. At the end of the meetup as the only two high school teams, we stayed a little bit longer to share our memories throughout the preparations for iGEM. We had a great time and made new friends. It was great meeting other Turkish students who are passionate about science!

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