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Our team consists of 8 students, each with an essential role in order to finalize our project. We concluded that time is money, so to be efficient with it, we divided our labor among ourselves. Yunus and Ömer were mostly responsible with the scientific content such as the presentation and the theoretical experiment setup alongside the research. İpek M. and Zeynep worked on the Wiki which requires a capability of programming. Doğa and Yağmur took care of the Wiki content and dealt with monetary issues and legislation. Yasmin and İpek A. were responsible with the design and artistic part of our project; creating images, schemes and organizing the banner and the poster. Besides these specific tasks that everyone dealt with everythıng, not one single member hesitated to help when an another member asked for it. We call ourselves a team not just because of the title, but due to the experiences we had together. This is a project of 8 dedicated members who all love fish!

İpek Meral Future Computer Scientist

I'm a senior in Saint Joseph High School. I'm particularly interested in computer sciences and artificial intelligence. I have attended iGEM, because the combination of technology and biology always excited me. I believe that the experiences I have obtained during our iGEM journey will be unforgettable and priceless, especially for a high school student.

Favourite fish: Sharks. Because they are majestic!

Ömer Doruk Süder Future Mathematician

This is Ömer Doruk Süder. I was really passionate about participating in the iGEM team of our High School since science always intrigued me. Even though I want to pursue a career in mathematics, the experiences I obtained in iGEM during the pre-lab work, lab work, and post lab work provided me with the scientific involvement that I desired to have. By the means of these experiences, I glanced at the life of a real scientist.

Favourite fish: Red Mullet. It makes the best couple with tartar sauce!

Yasmin Altınel Future Genetic Engineer/lllustrator

Hi, I’m Yasmin. I am the youngest member of Team Saint Joseph. My motivation to join iGEM was my curiosity for molecular biology. I was always passionate about biology and I always wanted to learn more about it. I am glad that I discovered iGEM and I am very lucky to be a part of it. I’ve learnt a lot about iGEM this year and I know that it’s not only about biology, it’s about taking responsibilities, team work and more.

Favourite fish: Salmon. It's soft and pink :)

Yağmur Yurt Future Surgeon

Hi! I'm Yağmur. Currently I'm in my senior year at Saint Joseph High School. I've always been interested in science. It's my comfort zone. I'm kind of an idealist so after realizing some stuff in my career, I decided that I wanted to do some research to contribute to science. So iGEM was a perfect way to learn how to do research and what exactly it demands. I'm sure that I've learned that it is definitely NOT easy. But you know, we have a saying in Turkish, ''Who loves the rose should put up with its thorns.''

Favourite fish: Every edible fish!

İpek Akel Future Genetic Engineer

Joining iGEM was a result of my interest in the field of science. As I would like to study genetics in college, the iGEM competition seemed to me like the perfect opportunity to experience working in a lab and also learning how to do proper research. When I learned more and more about this competition, I understood that it wasn’t just about lab work and research, so this competition was to me, an incredible way to improve my skills at so many various things.

Favourite fish: NONE! I don't like fish.

Zeynep Enson Future Astrophysicist

Hello! I’m Zeynep and I’m a senior in Saint Joseph High School. I chose to take part in this competition because I wanted to learn how to do research. Also, since I am a high school student, I knew that this would be a once-in-a-lifetime chance in my high school career. I am so glad to be a part of this amazing team and I’m sure that I’ll never forget these precious memories that we have created.

Favourite fish: Clownfish! Because of NEMO!

Yunus Efe Suner Future Biologist

Hi there ! I am a biology enthusiast and i’m eager to learn more everyday. I think this trait of mine comes from my curiosity for the unknown. The probability of discovering new aspects of life and learning how intricate the order of the universe is, is exciting for me. I would like to pursue a medical or a scientific carrier. This year, iGEM gave me the opportunity to experience a scientific process and discover the world of science throughout the lab work and research.

Favourite fish: The angler fish is the coolest fish ever known.

Doğa Efe Polat Future/Current Philosopher

Hi there! I'm, well, a part of the SJ team for all intents on purposes. For my pastimes, I play drums, read philosophy and study languages and write stupidly long sentences for entertainment. I guess we're not all diamonds, but I still try to pull my weight whenever I can, often contributing by explaining a difficult-to-read articles to my friends or sometimes by literature research. I'm in iGEM only for the the thrill of participation to such a huge event, and while I'm absolutely not the ideal teammate, this whole project has been an amazing eye-opener for me!

Favourite fish: Bluefish.Makes for a scrumptious meal!

Handan Kesim Primary Instructor

She is our biology teacher in school and she has taken us under her wing like a mother hen!

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