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Welcome to our notebook, the log of all our hard work this summer! Below are the summaries of what occurred each week; if you would like to see more detail, click on the weeks to expand it. 

 May 30-June 2 

Week 0

‣ Met with our advisors and worked on construct design for this week

‣ Set up the lab for start of wet lab work

June 3-9

Week 1

‣ Received our cyanobacteria and started culturing them

‣ Started a growth experiment to determine ideal growing conditions in our incubators (1 paper vs 3 sheets of paper)  

June 10-16

Week 2

‣ Continuation of growth experiments for cyanobacteria

‣ Spectrophotometry measurements for growth experiment

‣ Primers design for PCR and PCR information

‣ Spectrophotometric measurements to determine growth curve of cyanobacteria 

June 17-23

Week 3

‣ Continuation of spectrophotometry measurements for growth curve

‣ Started work for E. coli plasmid cultures by making agar plates

‣ Tested antibiotic solutions (streptomycin and spectinomycin) on plasmids

‣ Miniprep of 1579 DNA 

June 24-30

Week 4

‣ Continuation of spectrophotometry measurements

‣ Splitting/growing and culture of cyanobacteria

‣ Growing up plasmids received from Addgene

‣ Constructs from IDT arrived and primers for PCR arrived

‣ Both constructs and primers were resuspended

‣ PCR and PCR purification of all constructs that arrived

‣ Ran multiple gels on plasmid cultures and tested restriction enzymes in digest

‣ Start of Interlab Calibration 1/Calibration 2 

July 1-7 

Week 5

‣ Continuation of spectrophotometry measurements

‣ Splitting/growing and culture of cyanobacteria

‣ Gel extraction and gel purification for plasmids

‣ Interlab - Finished Calibration 1/2/3

‣ Made chloramphenicol stock

‣ PCR and gel purification of constructs  

July 8-14

Week 6

‣ PCR, gel extraction and gel purification of constructs

‣ Gel purification of plasmids

‣ Made glycerol stock of plasmids and frozen stocks of cyanobacteria

‣ Splitting/growing and culture of cyanobacteria

‣ Started Interlab transformation and inoculation of E. coli (Day 2) 

July 15-21

Week 7

‣ Splitting/growing and culture of cyanobacteria

‣ Finished interlab inoculation of E. coli colonies (Day 2)

‣ Gel extraction and purification of constructs (troubleshooting)

‣ PCR adjustments and trouble shooting for constructs

‣ Miniprep, RE digest and DNA purification of plasmids

‣ Starting work with CO2 incubator for growth of cyanobacteria

‣ Obtained light data on CO2 for the incubator 

July 22-28  

Week 8

‣ Splitting/growing and culture of cyanobacteria

‣ Interlab Day 3 - colony forming units protocol

‣ Contamination experiments for cyanobacteria

‣ PCR of constructs and ran products on gel

‣ First HiFi transformation of PCR product for cpc (with positive and negative controls)  

July 29-August 4 

Week 9

‣ Splitting/growing and culture of cyanobacteria

‣ PCR of constructs and running them on a gel

‣ PCR purification of products

‣ HiFi of cpc, cpc 560, lone cscB, idiA, optimized EYFP and original EYFP

‣ Inoculated colonies with HiFi

‣ Made BG-11 plates for culture of transformed cyanobacteria

‣ Transformation of cyanobacteria with lone cscB, cpc, cpc 560

‣ PCR troubleshooting

‣ Gel purification troubleshooting

‣ Sodium bicarbonate growth experiments  

August 5-11

Week 10

‣ Sodium bicarbonate growth experiments

‣ Gel purification troubleshooting

‣ Splitting/growing and culture of cyanobacteria

‣ Cyanobacteria transformation of rbc

‣ HiFi for idiA, EYFP and positive controls

‣ PCR troubleshooting  

August 12-18

Week 11

‣ Sodium bicarbonate growth experiments

‣ Splitting/growing and culture of cyanobacteria

‣ Transformed and plated HiFi for Opto EYFP and orig. EYFP

‣ Restreaked cyanobacteria plates

‣ Transformation of idiA, psba2, rbc

‣ Miniprep and inoculation for biobricks

‣ Start of sucrose assay experiments  

August 19-25

Week 12

‣ Sodium bicarbonate growth experiments

‣ Splitting/growing and culture of cyanobacteria

‣ Sucrose assay experiments

‣ Biobrick miniprep

‣ Colony PCR

‣ Transformation of cyanobacteria  

August 26-September 1

Week 13

‣ Cyanobacteria sucrose assays with cscB

‣ PCR and PCR purification for biobrick group

‣ Transformed cyanobacteria with psbA2 and plated transformed bacteria 

September 2-8 

Week 14

‣ Digestion of pSB1C3 and ligation with constructs

‣ Transformation of ligated cpc560

‣ Inoculation of cpc560, idiA

‣ Made BG-11 media for inoculations 

September 9-15 

Week 15

‣ Miniprep of transformed cpc560

‣ Inoculation of psbA2 colonies for cyanobacteria

‣ Ligation and Transformation of cpc for biobrick

‣ Luciferase assays for cpc

‣ Making LB and CAM plates for biobrick

‣ Inoculation of cpc

‣ Sucrose assay for cscB 

September 16-22  

Week 16

‣ Miniprep of idiA, cpc

‣ PCR of cscB, psbA2 and PCR purification

‣ Ligation and transformation of psbA2

‣ Another luciferase experiment  

September 23-29

Week 17

‣ Sequencing for biobrick DNA for cpc560, orig EYFP, opto EYFP, cpc, idiA

‣ Sucrose experiment for cscB 

September 30-October 6

Week 18

‣ RE digest of backbone, psbA2, cpc560, idiA, cscB

‣ Transformation of psbA2, cpc560, idiA, cscB

‣ Inoculation of transformed colonies

‣ Miniprep of inoculation and sequencing

‣ Sucrose assay with cscB

‣ Luciferase assay for cpc, cpc560, psbA2 

October 7-13 

Week 19

‣ Miniprep of transformed BioBrick colonies for opto EYFP, cscB, psbA2, idiA, cpc560

‣ Dried DNA and submitted to iGEM HQ

‣ Started sucrose assay for cscB by inducing with an increased amount of IPTG

‣ Luciferase experiment with high light inducing expression for psbA2, idiA, cpc560, cpc  

October 14-17

Week 20

‣ Sucrose assay experiment for cscB colonies induced with IPTG prior week

‣ Luciferase experiment with 2,2 dipyridyl (iron chelator)

2018 Stony Brook iGEM 

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