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Drawing inspiration from real-world web development practices, our team broke new ground for iGEM at Stony Brook by incorporating mockups, version control, and open-source into our biggest, most ambitious wiki approach ever. Here’s how we built it.

Our summer started with spitballing and whiteboarding. We knew from the start that we wanted a wiki that would be modern, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing. If we wanted to touch all those bases, we knew we had to agree on a look before we put finger to keyboard - on the fly design work wouldn’t cut it. 
What happens when you cross a codebase with multiple remote contributors and a need for solid version control? Git! We setup a GitHub organization and a static GitHub pages site at to see near-real-time changes and jump back in time whenever needed. Just to be extra, we integrated a GitHub bot with our Slack wiki channel to stay on top of every commit.
Drafts and Polish
The majority of our wiki was drafted and exported using Mobirise - which allows users to visually edit a static site. For any pages or blocks that were too technically advanced to draft in Mobirise, we’d put them together by hand.
While our site makes use of the usual jQuery and Bootstrap, we’ve got a little more running under the hood, including:
          -Jarallax for parallax scrolling
          -Popper.js (for poppers)
          -TouchSwipe plugin for jQuery
          -Animate.css for our nice, bouncy presentation 

2018 Stony Brook iGEM 

The Stony Brook iGEM Team is proud to present to you their sweet and energy filled project! Made with love <3