Bronze ✔Register for iGEM, have a great iGEM season, and attend the Giant Jamboree.
We have successfully registered for iGEM, work hard and have fun in this iGEM season. More importantly, we plan our trip to Boston and attend the Giant Jamboree. ✔completed all the following Competition Deliverables:
  • #1 Wiki: we made an understandable wiki with marvelous design.
  • #2 Poster : we made our poster and check it on the Giant Jamboree.
  • #3 Presentation : we are going to do presentation on the Giant Jamboree.
  • #4 Judging Form: here is our judging form.
✔completed Competition Deliverable #5 Attributions from this page
Check it in Attributions.
✔Document on your team wiki at least one new substantial contribution to the iGEM community that showcases a project related to BioBricks. This contribution should be central to your project and equivalent in difficulty to making and submitting a BioBrick Part. Our project is to help synthetic biologist design metabolic pathway in microorganisms. We provide users with enzyme gene information of Biobricks, including sequence information and physiochemical characteristics. The core idea is to design proper and efficient pathway and recommend Biobricks (mainly enzyme gene) for users’ need.
✔Convince the judges that something you created (art & design, hardware, software, etc.) performs its intended function. Provide thorough documentation of this validation on your team wiki.
Functional test and validation are done to make sure reliability of our software. More information in validation.
✔Convince the judges you have significantly worked with one (or more) currently registered 2018 iGEM team(s) in a meaningful way. For example, mentor a team (or be mentored by a team), characterize a part, troubleshoot a project, host a meetup, model/simulate a system, or validate a software/hardware solution to a synbio problem.
We have collaborated with three teams. Check it in collaborations.
✔Convince the judges you have thought carefully and creatively about whether your work is responsible and good for the world. Document on your team wiki how you have investigated these issues and engaged with your relevant communities, why you chose this approach, and what you have learned. Please note that surveys will not fulfill this criteria unless you follow scientifically valid methods.
Check it in human practice silver.
✔Expand on your silver medal activity by demonstrating how you have integrated the investigated issues into the purpose, design, and/or execution of your project. Document on your team wiki how your project has changed based upon your human practices work.
Check it in integrated human practice.
✔Improve the function of an existing iGEM project (that your current team did not originally create) and document your achievement on your team wiki.
Check it in Improve.
✔Convince the judges that your project's design and/or implementation is based on insight you have gained from modeling. This could be either a new model you develop or the implementation of a model from a previous team. You must thoroughly document your model's contribution to your project on your team's wiki, including assumptions, relevant data, model results, and a clear explanation of your model that anyone can understand.
Check it in Model.
✔Convince the judges that your engineered system works.
Check it in Demonstration.