The collective is the source of power and the cradle of wisdom. Our team is consisted of different people with same passion for inter-discipline. Differences make the team integrated. Some of us were best friends before iGEM 2018. Some of us didn’t even meet. We are from various majors, biology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, computer engineering & design. Since we only have seven team members, each of us has made great difference in our project.
Team members
Wei Cao
Initiative idea of being an iGEMer is my passion for biology and programming. Joining iGEM and developing Alpha Ant is like an adventure for me, which is full of surprises and difficulties. The joy, experience and friendship I got matter most.
Xiaotian Yu
In this project, I’m in charge of modeling, data analyzing. Thanks to iGEM for this opportunity to cooperate with my creative and reliable teammates. I hope that our software will play a significant role in metabolic pathway design in the future!
Haiyan He
I enjoy the process of turning my ideas into reality! That’s why I’m in Tongji-Software. Also, it's great to work with a bunch of imaginative and creative friends. By the way, I 'm studying German this year. Hope to learn more about Germany culture !
Zhichao Ma
I’m really interested in synthetic biology. At the same time, I am proficient in programming because my major is bioinformatics. I’d love to improve my ability and develop my teamwork ability during iGEM competition. I truely hope that our software can benefit everyone.
Yuchan Xing
Digital Media & Communication Design
iGEM provides me with the opportunity to practice my skills with a group of enthusiastic contemporaries. In our team, I am mainly responsible for web design, which is not very easy for me, and therefore I got well trained!
Yuejia Li
Industrial Design
This is a challenge for me to help raise up a team’s image through the visual identity and interface design. I am always fond of exploring the possibilities in the inter-discipline. I believe that iGEM has offered me the chance to make it more realistic this time!
Xiangzhen Li
Computer Engineering
I have rich experience in Web front-end programming, modeling and data analysis &processing. More importantly, I have a strong interest in using computer science tools to solve various interdisciplinary problems.I like Beijing Opera and literature.

Qi Liu
We are Tongji-software Team! We are Super Geekers for Bioinformatics! Fighting!
Ping Li
Synthetic Biology
IGEM aims to help construct a society that can productively and safely apply biological technology. Our lab focused on synthetic biology of active natural products and the engineering of microbes. Hope the jamboree can bring the team excitement and inspiration.
Mengjie Zhang
Molecular Biology
I am so glad to see Tongji-Software team has made brilliant progress in the computational tool for design metabolic pathway. Look forward to your excellent presentation in Boston.