Team:Tongji China/Attributions



Since the team was established in March, we have worked a lot for our projects. During these months, we determined the topic of our project, found instructors and laboratories, built the plasmids and transformed the engineered bacteria, detected the protein of interest, and verified the bacteria’s functions. With the progress of the project, in order to make our project more beneficial to humans, we have carried out a wealth of human practice such as telling middle school students about cancer-related knowledge, visiting pharmaceutical companies, surveys, and interviewing doctors. Of course, we have also collaborated intensively with other teams. We participated in the 5th Conference of China iGEMer Communication, and helped SKLMT-China iGEM team complete a part of their lab. We invited students from team SJTU-BioX-Shanghai together to visit the Roche Pharmaceutical Factory, and obtained a plasmid we needed with help from team SSTi-SZGD.
Through our efforts, we successfully constructed a plasmid containing T3SS system with neoantigen, transformed the attenuated Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and proved that the engineered bacteria have the function of causing a specific immune response. Our program will provide a safer and cheaper approach to cancer treatment in the future.


General support:
·Dr. Jing Zhang:our primary PI, helped us in various aspects.
·Dr. Ye Leng: our second PI, kept following the process.
·Dr. Weida Li: our instructor, gave us a lot of advice in wet experimental design.
·Dr. Changsheng Du: professor in Tongji, China, gave advice in plasmids construction.
·Dr. Mengjie Zhang: professor in Tongji, China, gave advice in topic determination.
·Dr. Chao Zhang: professor in Tongji, China, gave advice in topic determination.
·Dr. Fang Bai: professor in Nankai University, China, gave advice in experimental design.
·Jianfeng Zhou: captain of 2017 igem team, gave advance in many aspects.
·Cichen Zhang: member of 2017 igem team, gave advice in topic determination.

Lab support:
·Dr. Weida Li: Most of our wet lab is carried out in Dr. Li’s laboratory.
·Dr. Dapeng Zhou: gave us some positive neoantigen sequences to carry out our wet lab.

Safety support:
·SSTi-SZGD iGEM team: provided us with a plasmid to make our engineering bacteria more safe.

Modeling support:
·CPU_CHINA iGEM team: helped us with modeling.

Funding support:
·School of Life Science and Technology of Tongji University: provided the experiment fund for us.

Art support:
·Zhengyi Yue: helped us with figures.

Human practice support:
·Dr. Hongbin Wang: professor in Tongji, China, helped us with contacting the pharmaceutical company.
·Roche Group: the local pharmaceutical company, offered to assist the design of our capsules.
·No.1 High School Affilated to Tongji University: a high school near our campus, offered us a chance to preach the knowledge about cancer to high school students.
·Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital: local hospital, gave us some advice in cancer therapy.
·Student union: student organization of our college, offered their Wechat account to us.

Personal contribution

·Anqi Zhao: team leader/ contact with instructors/ organize all kinds of activities/ participate in wet lab/ participate in HP/ make the presentation…
·Xirui Chen: financial management/ participate in interlab/ participate in wet lab/ fill the safety form
·Qi Sun: poster design/ uniform design/ social research/ wet lab
·Ruijuan Liang: operate the WeChat Official Platform/ safety design/ poster design/ participate in HP
·Xinyue Ma: wet lab/ HP material collection/ make the home page flash/ participate in modeling
·Ningjia Ma: wet lab/ social research/ collaboration with SKLMT-China iGEM team
·Yue Zhang: wet lab/ dry lab design/ participate in HP
·Zhiwei Song: wet lab/ interlab/ safety design/ collaboration with SKLMT-China iGEM team/ participate in HP
·Yiman Wang: dry lab/ modeling/ participate in HP/ wiki design
·Xingzhou Wang: wiki design
·Xiangqi Huang: logo design/ poster design