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For Judges
Judging Form

Bronze medal
Registration and Jamboree Attendance
We've successfully registered and will attend the Giant Jamboree.

We have clear attributions. See more details at

We've successfully participated in the 2018 InterLab Study.

Silver medal
Validated Part
We've made several new BioBricks relating to T3SS and cancer immunotherapy and successfully submitted them. The numbers of them are

We receive the assistance of ShanghaiTech, SJTU-BioX-Shanghai, SSTi-SZGD and CPU_CHINA. Also, we provide help to SKLMT-China and SJTU-BioX-Shanghai.

Human Practices
We’ve done education work in high school and some surveys according to our projects.

Gold medal
Integrated Human Practices
We've done survey in range of society, hospitals and campus. According to the attitudes of the public and the advice from doctors and teachers, we've made further plans for our project. Besides, we've visited the Roche Co. and got the idea of our therapeutic product.

Model Your Project
We've made a model of the antigen and SNVs.

Demonstration of Your Work
We've done a series of experiments to make sure that the antigens can be transferred into APCs and thus trigger the immunoreaction.