Team:Tongji China/Part



We’ve constructed and submitted in total 13 new BioBricks to the registry. You can find them all in the following list of parts. For more details please go forward to

List of Parts

Part Description BioBrick
1 Type III secretion chaperone-ExoS54-Flag-MSC BBa_K2730000
2 neoantigen NY-ESO-A BBa_K2730001
3 neo-antigen NY-ESO-B BBa_K2730002
4 neoantigen EX0201 BBa_K2730003
5 neoantigen EX0301A BBa_K2730004
6 neoantigen EX0301B BBa_K2730005
7 neoantigen EX0301C BBa_K2730006
8 T3SS-neoantigen NY-ESO-A BBa_K2730007
9 T3SS-neoantigen NY-ESO-B BBa_K2730008
10 T3SS-neoantigen EX0201 BBa_K2730009
11 T3SS-neoantigen EX0301A BBa_K2730010
12 T3SS-neoantigen EX0301B BBa_K2730011
13 T3SS-neoantigen EX0301C BBa_K2730012