Project Timeline

5/27-6/2: Ordered all necessary DNA materials

6/3-6/9: Worked on acquiring lab access for all members that would be researching in the summer

6/10-6/16: Developed protocols for how to execute the design of the project

6/17-6/23: Moved into new facilities, Tufts Science & Engineering Center

6/24-6/30: Prepped DNA and lab materials, including diluting the DNA

7/1-7/7: Attempted to assembly PCR the two overlapping gene blocks of Cas13a unsuccessfully

7/8-7/14: Collaborated with Josef Bober from the Nair lab in order to establish a better PCR protocol

7/15-7/21: After several failed assembly attempts, new primers were ordered in case the ones previously used had degraded

7/22-7/28: Pause in work before the new primers arrived. Ordered geneblocks and emailed iGEM organization about necessary missing DNA kit and current transformed bacteria. Extension for interlab project given.

7/29-8/4: Interlab procedure preparation was completed.

8/5-8/11: Interlab days 1-3 were completed.

8/12-8/18: Interlab cell counting was completed. Equipment was inventoried with refrigerator space shared with graduate student lab in facilities.

8/19-8/25: The interlab data was submitted. Assembly PCR with new primers was performed. This were somewhat effective, but produced a smear, leading us to conclude that the DNA was degraded. At this point, the primary project was abandoned, as there was not sufficient time to order new DNA and PCR the toehold.

8/26-9/1: Break prior to the start of the semester

9/2-9/8: Break during start of the semester - Tufts University classes begin

9/9-9/15: iGEM website

9/16-9/22: iGEM outreach with Student Campus Activity Fair. General interest meeting and presentations given on iGEM summer research and competition.