Our Team!

Hi everyone!
I’m Anna Kolchinski and I am the current director of science at Tufts synthetic biology club. While I worked on the scientific aspects of the project over the summer, I was initially inspired and guided by our old science director, Lucas Brown, who has since left to pursue his graduate studies. He inspired me to join iGEM and to learn about synthetic biology, and has taught me all I know. I am a sophomore majoring in biology and Spanish, and hope to be an M.D participating in research in the future.

I'm Kenny Huang, a junior majoring in chemistry and interested in medicine. I'm the current Administrative Director of Tufts iGEM and have been with the team for 2 years. Over this time, I've proudly watched the group grow and change through two different laboratories on Tufts campus. iGEM is special to me because it spreads opportunity for independent research and learning that I've seen through my own eyes.

Hi! I'm Aiden Lewis. I'm the Treasurer of Tufts Synthetic Biology. I am a sophomore of Biomedical Engineering, and I am interested in one day designing/inventing medical devices and/or medicines! iGEM encourages me to think creatively about using biological parts to build new and productive inventions.

Hi! I'm Mina Ghobrial. I'm a sophomore clinical psychology and bio major, and I hope to be an M.D P.hD one day so I can apply the principles of synthetic biology to real-world medical problems, like the ones my future patients will have.

Hi, I'm Valerie Collins, or Val, and while I am not a Tufts student, I joined Tufts for the summer to stay close to home while doing research. I hope to learn more about the research side of medicine before becoming a doctor, so that I can have a deep understanding of the technology that will eventually impact my patients.

I'm Charlotte Nickerson, and I am still a high school student, but I'm hoping to go into research one day. Doing iGEM was such a wonderful way to get acquainted with the world of research