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Public Engagement

High School Presentations

As the end of the iGEM season drew nearer, we wanted to share the results of our project to a community outside of our university. We visited Advanced Placement biology classes at Strathcona High School, a local school from which one of our team members graduated. This was also a perfect opportunity to introduce students to the concept of synthetic biology, and plant the seed of pursuing research and science after high school. We explained the concepts of using DNA as building blocks and bacteria as factories to create useful tools, using our project as an example.

We also shared our experiences of working with bees, and what it’s like to be part of a student-led research team. None of the students present had been introduced to iGEM before, so we were able to present to them for the first time an opportunity that they might want to take part in when they attend university, or even sooner by starting a high school team. Our presentations were an opportunity to encourage high school students to consider taking part in research one day, to share our advice about university life, and to show students the possibilities of what biology and creativity can do outside of what they learn in their classroom.