This year, GeneHackers participated in the iGEM Interlab Study aimed to help provide a standard basis of measurement for GFP fluorescence using a plate reader. Through the generous help of the Dickinson Lab at UChicago and our wonderful grad student advisor Simone, we were able to calibrate the standard GFP measurements using silica beads that resemble E. Coli. when scattered with light. Using the standard protocol provided by iGEM, we were also able to determine the number of Colony Forming Units (CFU) in positive and negative control samples in order to help determine a relationship between absorbance and CFU. The only issue we had with this process was in transforming DH5A cells with the test DNA provided by iGEM. However, through collaboration with Northwestern’s iGEM Team, we were able to come up with a slightly altered process of transforming the DNA that involved an extra resuspension step before plating our transformations. Ultimately, this led us to successfully grow the DH5A cells containing iGEM’s test DNA and continue with their protocol in order to successfully contribute to this year’s iGEM Interlab Study!