• Inspiration
    Every year, iGEMer around the world will encounter a problem, that is how to present their project to the society to attract more attention, in not only a scientific rigor way, but also in a vivid and interesting way, letting more people know about iGEM and synthetic biology. To this end, UESTC-China developed Gene Card with the combination of its own experimental experience and human practice. One of the original goals of this board game is to help iGEMer around the world solve this problem.
    Gene Card was produced in the UESTC-China project, and one of its purposes is to attract more attention to our project and thus promote the development of the project in turn. However, due to many limitations of paper board games, we put them on the Internet this year to further realize the goal of promoting the development of the project. Nowadays, any place with access to the Internet can use Gene Card Online at any time for various purposes, such as teaching, popular science and entertainment.
    Gene Card still seems to have a bright future..
  • Game Introduction
    Gene Card is a group of 64 CARDS composed of 7 functional CARDS and 6 basic CARDS, all of which are derived from the most basic elements in the synthetic biology experiment and obtained by rigorous mathematical modeling. The combination of the six basic CARDS, namely PCR, nuclease, DNA ligase, bacteria, target gene and vector, clearly tells the players a set of basic synthetic biology experimental procedures. The other seven functions are high temperature, resistant gene, nuclease, ultraviolet, phage, antibiotic, and transfer. Protecting your basic CARDS by eliminating the basic CARDS of other players give players the chances to enjoy the fun of fighting.
    basic cards
    function cards
  • Rules
    1.Attack mode: click the function card in your hand, and then click the selected attack object. Description: antibiotics -> bacteria, high temperature -> restriction enzyme、DNA ligase, nuclease、ultraviolet-> target gene、vector
    2.Defense mode: this game adopts mandatory automatic defense, when attacked, if there is a defense card in the hand, it must play, with defense instructions: resistant gene -> antibiotic, high temperature -> nuclease, transfer -> antibiotic、high temperature、 nuclease、 ultraviolet
  • Application
    As we said earlier, we are willing to share our ideas with the world. We Put Gene Card on Internet. We expect it to be of greater use, not only in iGEM competitions, but also in the promotion and popularization of the whole synthetic biology and even biology, contributing to the unique charm of board games and forming a complete social network in the future.
  • Future
    Our development of Gene Card is far away from the end, and it will be much more complete in the future. We are also willing to work with those around the world who are interested in developing this game with huge potential and hope that it will become a benchmark in the gaming world of synthetic biology. Therefore, we would like to share the source code on GitHub for people who have interest to download and view, and we are willing to communicate with each other. Here our contact is also attached.
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