Throughout the past seven months we have received tremendous support from many people, including our members, our instructors, professors, sponsors and experts. This page is dedicated to thank all the people that made our project possible.

Our Member

Team Leader

  Ruijia Liu and Haotian Zhang are our team leaders. They coordinate the work of the whole team and push the project forward. Meanwhile, Ruijia Liu was responsible for the communication between our team and other teams and companies, and Haotian Zhang was responsible for adding keywords to the biobricks in BioMaster.


  Keyu Wu, Zhiguo Chen, Fengjiang Liu and Weihang Wu are mainly responsible for constructing database, BioMaster. They integrate 9 databases with the iGEM registry to expand information of biobricks. They have collected information of biobricks including interactions, functions, sites, components, feature key and references, making BioMaster an enormous, comprehensive and intuitive data source of biobricks.


  Hao Xu, Zhixi Yun, Bohan Li, Ruizhi Yuan are mainly responsible for promoter prediction. They use algorithm based on Python and MATLAB to build models to do some predictions. They created a database which provides results of predicted promoters for synthetic biologists. Different methods are provided for different species and users can choose based on their own needs.

Human Practice

  Wenxiang Tan, Qingyu Zheng and Xikai Tang are mainly responsible for Human Practice. They designed board game Bio-Chess and had a bunch of interesting activities to promote synthetic biology. Besides, they do some surveys and some questionnaires for iGEM teams and professors about the problems they encountered and their needs. Meanwhile, they visit bio-technology companies and institutes to improve and enhance our own project.

Art Designers

  Huiyuan Li and Rui Yao are mainly responsible for are design. They were in charge of the planning of Bio-Chess, posters and PPTs for the Southwest Alliance meeting and CCiC and the design of the page design and illustrations of wiki and posters.

Bio-Chess developer

  Zhixi Yun developed the online version of Bio-Chess and the art design of the game. He is fully in charge of creating this game.

Our PI

Beibei Wang

  She was our main Primary PI. She guided us to identify our topic and design the whole project. Besides, she supervised us during the whole time and put forward many useful advices. Moreover, she gave a series of valuable advices about the design of wiki and PPT to us.

Hui Gao

  He was one of our Secondary PI. He attended every group meeting and gave his precious suggestions to us, which helped us a lot.

Peng Zhou

  He was one of our Secondary PI. He came up with a lot of advices about our reply.

Our Instructor

Ling Quan

  Her leadership and directions on how to build a successful team is worth mentioning. She taught us how to become more friendly and united.

Xuhong Wu

  He gave us advices on issues regarding travelling to Boston and the contents of our presentation.


UESTC-Software iGEM 2018 team gratefully acknowledges the following institutes

  School of Life Sciences, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.
  Office of Educational Administration, UnivSersity of Electronic Science and Technology of China.
  Office of Students' Affairs, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

  Thanks to Professor Zhu Lvyun from NUTD. He gave us many suggestions in our advice and feedback period. 1. We should add species to the database 2. His feedback is very clear and contains of many aspects for us to further improve.

  Thanks to Researcher Dai(Researcher Junbiao Dai, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology,Chinese Academy of Sciences) for his instructive advices: 1. We can try to provide experimental data of the biobrick when the user searches it; 2. We may try to provide some other biobricks associated with the biobrick; 3. We can try to provide all kinds of ways for users to search biobricks.

  Thanks to Chengdu life baseline technology co. LTD for giving some valuable suggestions to us about database.

  Thanks to Lawyer Zheng (Yonggang Zheng, Sichuan Shangsheng law office) for his help about the Intellectual property issues of BioMaster.

  Thanks to UESTC-China,USTC-Software, NKU_CHINA, Bilkent-UNAMBG, NUDT_CHINA and Army Medical University for their valuable advices.