Because of the specialty of our project, we mainly serve iGEMers and synthetic biologists. Via BioMaster, they may find the information they need in an easier way and save more time on the searching for information. We collaborated some iGEM teams and sent our database to them. Some teams indeed need a more convenient way to search and they gave us their feedback to help us further improve our project.


(University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)

  UESTC-China offered many helps in the construction of our project. At our ‘Preliminary investigation’ stage, we communicated with them and they told us their needs for a new biobrick database. When our project has formed into the internal test version, they gave us valuable feedback. Their feedback has become one of the basis for our further adjustment.

  We also worked with USETC-China to validate the effects of our predictor. They provided us with the FRE sequence, then we predicted this sequence, and performed promoter optimization to remove unnecessary part. They constructed plasmids with predicted promoter, then transferred it to the host DH5α. The verification proves that the predicted promoter is very likely correct. What’s more, we helped UESTC-China by using our database BioMaster. UESTC-China needed some statistics aiding their experiments, so we recommended our database and they found what they need.


(Nankai University)

  In the iGEM wiki chat group, we are very honorable to meet the member of NKU_CHINA. We shared our experiences on the designing of wiki and some tips with them. Through conversations, they also solved some problems that we encountered. We also invited them to use our database. After experiencing it, they gave us their opinions on the improvement of the project and they indicated that BioMaster would be of great use.


(University of Science and Technology of China)

  Since we are all software team track, unlike experimental team, what we need is more and more feedbacks and technical support to further improve our software. USTC-Software and us decided to test the projects of each other. After testing, we gave them the results of test of Biohub for USTC-Software and shared our experiences and some technical methods on the construction of our database with them so that they might improve their project. Also, they presented their discreet suggestions and feedback which helped us optimize our database BioMaster and it became one of our basis on the improvement of our project.

  USTC to UESTC: Your information is comprehensive and the UI surface is user-friendly. However, the ranking of search results is to be optimized when searching with iGEM_ID, such as searching for BBa_K104000, the first display of BBa_K1040001, and BBa_K104000 in the back position. You’d better give out a guidance to each information, for example, new user may not know what EPD& RegulonDB contains of.

  UESTC to USTC: The response of your Biohub is more than goodness. The design is good to see and is clear enough for users. However, there’s no specific introduction on the main page and it may mislead the users. If an example is provided on the editor page will be more user-friendly and clear.


(Bilkent University)

  We sent a feedback email to the Bilkent-UNAMBG and recommend them to use it if it can provide conveniences to their projects. And finally, they filled in this feedback questionnaire and gave us their precious advices so that we have more reliable feedback to the adjustment of the database.